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Sister took blame for drink driver A 44-YEAR-OLD man from



A 44-YEAR-OLD man from Carmarthenshire was tried for driving while under the influence of alcohol at Haverfordwest BreathyliserMagistrates’ Court on February 11. Jason Lloyd had pleaded not guilty at an earlier hearing, and had said that it was in fact her sister, who was sober, who had been in the driving seat.

The prosecutor, Leslie Harbon, outlined the details of the offence. Jason Lloyd was said to have been driving a black Volvo between Tenby and St. Clears after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in his breath (5.5 micrograms in 100ml of breath) exceeded the prescribed limit. The police received information that Lloyd had been drink driving, so they went to a Travelodge in St. Clears, where the client was, to speak with the defendant, who smelt of alcohol. According to two officer reports, and a sergeants report, Lloyd had admitted that he had been the driver several times. On the way to the station he had said: “If I get done for drink driving I’ll lose my job” and “I put my hands up, ‘cause I have done it. I had seven pints earlier on, then coke all night.” When Lloyd was interviewed, he gave a completely no comment interview.

For the defence, solicitor Mike Kelleher, while examining the defendant, emphasised the story from Lloyd’s point of view. He had been in Tenby with a group of friends, but the night turned sour. He was told that his best friend was trying it on with his wife, so there were arguments and everyone went home apart from Lloyd, his sister, and the partner of his best friend, Nicola. The three decided to go home as well. According to Lloyd, his sister drove because she had not been drinking due to a recent gall bladder operation. Lloyd said that when they were in the car, he received a phone call from his friend stating that the police were looking for him in regards to a separate charge. They stopped at the Travelodge in St. Clears. Nicola was hysterical and walk to the foyer of the hotel and Lloyd and his sister had an argument, and according to Lloyd, she walked off and he was left with the car in the car park. When the police officer arrived, Lloyd said that he knew he was going to be arrested anyway so he said that he had driven the car in order to protect Nicola and his sister from being arrested too. When asked about the comments he had made about being the driver on several occasions, he said he could not remember as his memory was not one hundred percent. There was no CCTV at the hotel.

The prosecutor covered many of the same questions as Kelleher but focussed on the fact that Lloyd said he could not remember making comments to the police, but he was sure that he had not driven the car. Harbon asked how he could know for sure that he had not driven, and he replied: “I saw my sister sitting at the side of me.”

Kelleher closed the examination by asking if Jason remembered who drove, to which he replied yes, and then asked if it was him who had been driving, and the defendant replied no.

Lloyd’s sister came into court as a witness and was warned that anything that she said in the court, as she had sworn on oath, had to be true or she would be prosecuted for perjury. Kelleher asked her if she understood the consequences of lying, and she said she did. He asked if she was there to lie for her brother, which, according to her, she was not. Lloyd’s sister told the same story Lloyd had.

Harbon asked if the siblings had spoken about coming to court, to which Lloyd’s sister replied yes. Although, she stated that they had not spoken about it at length when asked by the prosecutor. Harbon stated that she would have had every chance to get the story straight with her brother. The sister spoke about how she could not believe or understand why Lloyd had said that he had driven when it was his sister who had. Harbon responded by saying that she knew a lot about the case for someone who had not spoken at length about it. Harbon then closed her examination by asking if she and her brother were close, to which she replied yes. Then the prosecutor asked if she would do anything for her brother; she said she would, but also stated that she was not lying now.

The Magistrate asked where the key was when she had left, and she said that she had left it with Lloyd.

After some deliberation, the Magistrates returned to court and found Lloyd guilty of his offence. The Magistrate accepted the police’s accounts over the siblings’. Lloyd was fined £1,040 and he will have to pay £80 per month. He was disqualified from driving for 15 months, but will be able to reduce that by 5% by taking part in a drink driving rehabilitation course.

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Siblings raised £600 by Walking 20 Miles for Lifesaving Helicopter Charity



PEMBROKE DOCK siblings, Harley and Maisie McNally, put on their walking shoes to raise £600 for the Wales Air Ambulance Charity.

The kind-hearted brother and sister walked 20 miles throughout March as part of the Charity’s 20th birthday fundraising challenge My20.

Seven-year-old Harley, and his little sister Maisie, 5, smashed their original target of wanting to raise £50 each.

Wales Air Ambulance marked its 20th anniversary this year and to acknowledge the milestone, the Charity created a new fundraising event called My20. The event allowed the participants to pick their own challenge, task or activity that reflected the number ‘20’.  

Harley is no stranger to fundraising for the Charity. He has previously raised over £300 by taking part in last year’s Saundersfoot New Year’s Day Swim. However, this was little Maisie’s first fundraiser.

Their proud mum, Jessica Hughes, is delighted that the children have raised so much money for the lifesaving charity, she said: “They both loved it. My20 kept them occupied and out of the house. I'm so proud of Harley and Maisie, at quite a young age they know so much about the service and have raised an amazing £600.

“Harley and Maisie understand completely why the Wales Air Ambulance is necessary for everybody and they also know people who have needed the service. This is why wanted to raise money for the charity, knowing its services have helped poorly people!”

Katie Macro, the Charity’s South West Wales Community Fundraiser, said: “A huge congratulations to two fundraising stars, Harley and Maisie, for completing the My20 challenge and raising £600! What you have both done, and the money you have raised, will help us to help others.

“It’s always wonderful to hear stories of children fundraising at such a young age and enjoying the challenge that they’ve chosen. Walking 20 miles is a lot for anyone, let alone when you’re as young as Harley and Maisie. Thank you to everyone who has support the children in their latest fundraiser.” 

There is still time to show your support to the Pembroke Dock Community School Pupils, Harley and Maisie, by donating to their My20 fundraiser via their Just Giving page Harley & Maisie’s My20

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Six-year-old girl raises the alarm to a property fire



MID AND WEST WALES FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE wish to thank six-year-old Mia, of Milford Haven, for her calm and quick thinking in alerting a neighbour to phone 999 to report a fire in a property.

On a Sunday afternoon, March, 28, 2021, Mia was passing the rear of a flat when she noticed smoke coming from the property. Having been taught the importance of reporting a fire, Mia immediately knocked on a neighbour’s door to inform them. The neighbour then called 999 and asked for the Fire Service.

At 05:52pm, Joint Fire Control received the call and deployed crews from Milford Haven to attend the property fire in Milford Haven.

The fire was confined to the kitchen area of the ground floor flat and had originated from a tea towel left unattended on an electric hob.

Firefighters extinguished the fire using two breathing apparatus, a hose reel jet and a thermal imaging camera.

The Fire Service left the incident at 07:03pm.

Crew Manager Rob Makepeace, Milford Haven Fire Station said “Because of Mia’s fast actions we were able to attend quickly, and the fire wasn’t allowed to escalate. She’s a local hero and an example to everyone.

The sooner you report a fire the quicker the Fire Service can attend to put the fire out and stop it from spreading.

Luckily, on this occasion, Mia was on hand to spot the fire and tell someone to phone 999 but I would urge everybody to install working smoke alarms in their homes and test them regularly. A working smoke alarm can alert you of a fire sooner and allow you to get out, stay out, phone 999 and ask for the Fire Service.”

For further Home Fire Safety advice or to talk about the possibility of a Safe and Well Visit by Fire and Rescue Service personnel, please phone 0800 169 1234.​​​ Alternatively please complete an online Request for a Safe and Well Visit​ form on the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service website:

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Tenby left ‘strewn with rubbish and smelling of urine’ after hundreds party



TENBY was left with empty cans, broken bottles and fast food wrappers strewn everywhere, after over two hundred young people gathered to enjoy the weekend – perhaps expected whilst pubs remained closed.
Licensed establishment have not yet been able to open in Wales, but they are open in England for outdoor refreshments.

There were reports of young people walking through the town with boxes full of alcohol on Saturday night (Apr 17), with other people buying takeaway drinks from licensed premises before making their way to the harbour.
The sheer number of people meant people were urinating in the streets, some residents told The Pembrokeshire Herald.

Unlawful gathering: Party in full swing in Tenby as pubs remain closed (Image: Pure West Radio)

Facebook comments from people concerned included Larry Lambert who said: “Most of these are probably around my age, have some respect for the place, you all wouldn’t like it if this happened outside your house and left all the rubbish for you to wake up to, disrespectful!”

Kyle Scourfield said : “Aw guys. We’re literally on the track where we can see light at the end of the tunnel, don’t ruin it now. More importantly, pick up your rubbish and look after our coast. I’m bloody dying for the nightclubs so seriously, take it down a notch!”

Danny Wilson who took the below photo said on social media: “This [photo was taken] after nearly two hours of cleaning up. Completely blame the government for this if pubs were open there would be next to no take outs and 20 odd doormen keeping an eye on things every weekend, but that’s no excuse to act like absolute savages with zero respect for anything.

“I’ve never seen as much broken glass like there was today! Definitely give the harbour and castle hill a swerve for a couple of days if you’ve got kids or dogs.”

Tenby on Sunday morning (Apr 18) (Image: Facebook/Danny Wilson)

Pembrokeshire County Council operatives have been working since earlier this morning to remove rubbish in various locations in the town, including piles of bottles and other litter under picnic tables at the harbour.
The Tenby Observer has reported that in correspondence sent to Pembrokeshire County Council’s licensing department, county councillor for Tenby’s North ward Clr. Michael Williams said: “From as early as late afternoon, the situation at the harbour has become threatening with residents feeling unsafe due to the considerable numbers of individuals in the area consuming large quantities of alcohol.

“Police Officers appear to be overwhelmed by the numbers and are unable to take the necessary firm action to disperse a crowd that I estimated to be about 200. These kind of events are becoming a regular occurrence and action must be taken to address it.

“We appear to have taken several steps backwards to where we were a number of years ago when Tenby was becoming regarded as party central for groups of stag and hen events.

“Certain parts of the harbour estate are being used as a public urinal causing distress to families attempting to lawfully use the area.”

One local, who did not wish to me named said: “The police operation last week, which was widely publicised, seems to have failed miserably.

“Instead of going out last week when police were out in force, the youth of south Pembrokeshire seem to have waited until this weekend and have partied twice as hard.

“I understand that resouces are stratched but where were the police this weekend?

“Something needs to be done, we don’t want a third wave.”

Over the Easter bank holiday officers seized alcohol from young people, moved them on and prevented clashes between groups from escalating.

Speaking just ten days ago Sgt Stuart Wheeler said that there was concern from the Tenby community and that police were ‘keen to avoid a repeat of this behaviour’.

“This type of behaviour is distressing for people living and working in Tenby,” he said.

“We understand that the past few months have been difficult, and that children want to see their friends, but remember that only six people from two households can meet outdoors still.

“Please do your best to ensure your children are adhering to regulations that are in place for all our safety.”
The police have been contacted for an updated comment.

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Six-year-old girl raises the alarm to a property fire

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Tenby left ‘strewn with rubbish and smelling of urine’ after hundreds party

TENBY was left with empty cans, broken bottles and fast food wrappers strewn everywhere, after over two hundred young people...

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