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Hours extension granted to farm shop



PEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL’S Licensing Sub-Committee approved an application to extend the opening hours of a farm shop and café in the tiny hamlet of Bubbleton, near Penally.

Meeting on Tuesday, April 27, the Committee considered an application made by Bubbleton Farm Ltd that would allow an extension to its licensing hours the café could provide further catering provision, including serving alcohol, until 10 pm at night.

None of the relevant statutory authorities, Dyfed-Powys Police and the Council’s environmental health department objected to the application.

The Committee accepted that, in the absence of specific observations from those bodies, it had to accept they were content with the application and believed it a routine matter that did not need their involvement.
Bubbleston Farm has a licence to serve alcohol during its regular opening hours every day between 9 am and 6 pm. It operates in accordance with those provisions and has done so for some time without incident.

Presenting the application for Bubbleton Farm Ltd, Thomas Evans told Committee members that the extension to hours sought was to meet demand and secure the future of the enterprise.

The extended hours did not mean, Mr Evans said, the location would host a bar every night of the week. The café needed to extend its licensing hours to allow the hosting of occasional events; for example, barbecues, at which alcohol could be legally served.

Questioned by the Chair of the sub-committee, Cllr Tim Evans, Mr Evans said that the last year of Covid restrictions had proven gruelling.

Mr Evans said there was increased local interest in attending outdoor catering events, such as those covered by the application.

There was evidence of a sophisticated local customer base who appreciated the chance to go to occasional barbecues outside their homes and have a drink with their food.
He explained the Farm’s planned to hold barbecues during the summer months and that each event would end before dusk.
Mr Evans continued to say the barbecues would be organised on a more-or-less ad hoc basis, depending on the weather. Details of an event would be circulated on social media in the three days leading up to one.

The Committee had two written objections.

The first objection came from a neighbour and expressed concern about the possibility of ‘late night revelry’ and the potential that, were music played, the quiet locality would become ‘a mini Glastonbury. A thought which the correspondent wrote, ‘fills us with horror’.

Asked to address the question of music being played at the premises, Thomas Evans could not recall asking for a live music licence. There was no indication of one being requested on the licensing officer’s report. Although the box was ticked on the application form the subsequent section was blank.

Mr Evans told members of the Committee he did not want a live music licence.

Recorded background music played during the day and current evening hours and that was enough. He explained with his own young children living on the Farm, he was mindful of potential disturbance and did not require a licence for live music.

The second letter of objection came from the non-resident owner of a nearby property.

That letter said: ‘Whilst I am not always present at the property (my wife and I share our time between the property and our primary residence in Berkshire), I am concerned that the proposed extension of the hours for the sale of alcohol will have a negative impact on the relative peace and tranquillity we enjoy at the property’.

The Committee members noted the objections, although neither objector was at the meeting.
Cllr Tim Evans noted the comprehensive way in which the applicant both prepared and presented its case.

After a brief retirement to consider its decision, the Committee approved the application. 

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Pembrokeshire County Council Cabinet endorses STEP Fusion application



PEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL’S Cabinet have today endorsed proposals from Cllr Paul Miller (Cabinet Member for Economic Development) to further progress the nomination of a Pembrokeshire site to host a Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP) fusion power station in the county.

Working with the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), the proposed site is adjacent to the existing energy facilities on the South Shore of the Haven waterway.

If approved, the facility will initially host research with the ultimate aim of developing this technology which could offer a virtually limitless source of clean electricity by copying the processes that power the sun.

Cllr Paul Miller, Cabinet Member for Economic Development said: “I am pleased my Cabinet colleagues endorsed this important programme of work. The Haven Waterway has provided livelihoods, underpinned by fossil fuels, for thousands of Pembrokeshire families, mine included, for more than 50 years. It’s my job to help ensure the waterway continues to provide high skilled, engineering, science and technology jobs for the next generation of this county – and so linked to our focus on climate change (and in addition to our existing multi-million pound commitments to supporting wind, wave and tidal clean power generation) my team have been exploring whether we can also support the development of clean, green fusion technology.

“It’s very early days in the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s site selection process but we’ll provide regular updates as things progress.”

•       STEP is an ambitious programme to design and build a prototype fusion power plant;
•       It is a UKAEA programme, currently with £222m funding from the UK Government to produce a concept design by 2024:

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Re-opening of indoor hospitality and attractions at Milford Waterfront



RESTAURANTS and indoor visitor attractions in Milford Waterfront are welcoming the return of indoor services from today.

The re-opening of indoor dining allows all restaurants at Milford Waterfront to seat customers indoors. As well as all restaurants on the Waterfront now being able to offer this service, the brand-new Foam Domes overlooking the Milford Haven Waterway are able to open, with bookings being taken from the 19th May.

Indoor visitor attractions are also allowed to re-open. This includes the Waterfront Gallery, which is open today and Phoenix Bowl & Pirate Pete’s Adventure Play which is making preparations to open from Wednesday 19th May. Also, Milford Museum, which has had a new rendered exterior finish, is preparing to open for the end of May.

Lucy Wonnacott, Marketing Manager for Milford Waterfront commented: “We are delighted to see the re-opening of indoor hospitality and visitor attractions here at Milford Waterfront. Each business has their own safety and social distancing measures in place and we kindly ask that you respect and adhere to these for your own safety, and that of others. We hope you enjoy your visit to Milford Waterfront and stay safe!”

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Newly elected Member of the Senedd completes first week in the role



FOLLOWING on from the Welsh Parliamentary elections, the newly elected member for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, Samuel Kurtz MS, has reflected on his first week in his new role.

The election saw Samuel receive 11,240 votes from across the constituency, the largest number of votes for any Welsh Conservative candidate in the constituency for a Senedd election. It was a closely fought campaign which was conducted respecting Covid-19 restrictions.

Commenting after a busy first week, Sam said:

“It has certainly been a whirlwind. From the moment that the results were announced last Friday my feet haven’t touched the ground.

“After speaking with a number of local and national media outlets, I managed to spend some time with loved ones before heading up to the Senedd early on Monday morning to be sworn in.

“As a Welsh speaker, I was delighted to swear my oath bilingually and will ensure that I continue to do so when speaking in the chamber.

“I’m in the process of recruiting my staff and getting both my Senedd and Constituency office set up to ensure that I can continue the good work of my predecessor, Angela Burns, in standing up for the interest of all my constituents whether they voted for me or not.

“On Wednesday, we elected the Llywydd and Deputy Llywydd as well as confirming Mark Drakeford as the First Minister. As one of 19 new members across the chamber and nine Welsh Conservatives, the coming weeks will be spent learning the ropes and procedures in Cardiff Bay. Over the course of the campaign, I have picked up a several issues and pieces of  casework from across the constituency and will be ensuring that the constituency work is always my priority.

“As we emerge from the Covid restrictions and society begins to open back up I am looking forward to getting to every corner of the constituency, meeting more businesses and individuals.

“I am planning in making use of both modern and traditional methods of connecting with constituents, from email newsletters, social media platforms and virtual surgeries to doorstep surgeries and face to face meetings, to ensure I provide a strong voice in Cardiff Bay for this beautiful part of the country.”

Samuel is contactable via email on

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