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Bullyboy Bryn caused Audit Chair to resign



Revealed explosive letter - Cllr. Jacob Williams

Revealed explosive letter – Cllr. Jacob Williams

By Jon Coles, Assistant Editor
EAST WILLIAMSTON Councillor, Jacob Williams, has exclusively revealed the explosive content of a letter sent to IPPG Leader Jamie Adams by former Audit Committee Chair John Evans MBE.
The letter exposes the extent of Bryn Parry Jones’ paranoia about the Herald’s coverage of the grants scandal that has engulfed the Council and the campaign of Councillor Mike Stoddart to expose the Council’s maladministration of public money in the Commercial Property Grants Scheme in Pembroke and Pembroke Dock.
In May, after the Herald revealed that Council’s European Manager Gwyn Evans had tampered with meeting minutes, the Council’s CEO summoned John Evans MBE, senior officers and two councillors to his office and demanded that that one of them own up to being responsible for the leak. If the person responsible did not own up, the CEO threatened those present with a “private investigator” to discover the mole’s identity.
Mr Parry Jones’ threat seems to suggest that he regards himself as above the rules lately adopted by his own employers as to the treatment of whistle blowers who make revelations in the public interest.
As it happens, the Herald can allay Mr Parry Jones’ paranoia. We can confirm that nobody at that meeting revealed that Gwyn Evans was responsible for tampering with potential evidence in a criminal investigation. We can also confirm that no serving councillor was responsible for giving us that information.
Jacob Williams, whose website contains the full text of Mr Evans’ letter, reports:
“Mr. Parry-Jones is then claimed to have “instructed all present to issue a signed written statement of discussions or meetings during which the identity of the Officer could have been revealed.”
“The meeting “ended in a stunned silence” and left Mr. Evans “shocked at the tone, attitude and hostility of the Chief Executive,” and says that the “hostile nature of the encounter” instigated by Mr. Parry-Jones and such “intimidation” had “violated” and “compromised” his independence as the committee’s statutory lay member.”
CEO under fire: Bryn Parry Jones

CEO under fire: Bryn Parry Jones

No doubt, Mr Parry Jones’ bullyboy tactics and his attempt to intimidate senior officers, councillors and a distinguished lay chair of a key Council committee was such a run of the mill event at County Hall that IPPG Leader Jamie Adams failed to mention it when responding to a question at the last full council meeting about the circumstances that led to John Evans MBE’s resignation as Audit Committee Chair.



In addition, the letter allows the inference to be reasonably drawn that two unelected officers had chosen to overturn the decision of a democratic committee of the Council in order to shield those officers responsible or culpable in other officers’ incompetence.

Those officers, Jon Haswell and Kerry MacDermott, respectively directors of human resources and head of audit, chose to ride rough-shod over a decision made by a democratically elected Council Committee to inquire into how, why and at whose behest Gwyn Evans had tampered with meeting minutes and also about the terms and extent of an inquiry into the administration of the grants scheme generally.
The letter confirms that far from there being no “obvious disagreement” – a turn of phrase that had to have been provided to Cllr Adams by either Messrs Haswell or MacDermott  – the terms and magnitude of that disagreement are amply demonstrated by the content of the letter the IPPG leader received well before he delivered his scripted answer to Cllr Mike Stoddart’s question about John Evans MBE’s resignation.
Jon Haswell, Director of Finance, was in charge of the process of appointing John Evans MBE’s replacement. As The Herald wrote, he will be hoping to appoint someone more biddable than the former chairman.
With the CEO exposed as a bully and the IPPG leader as someone who can most generously be described as being extremely “economical with the truth”, the culture of cover up and cant at County Hall has been laid bare.
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  1. Andrew Lye

    August 9, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    If this is true, this is totally unacceptable.

    Can the Iron Dome protect him this time? Seems like the killer missiles are breaching it.

    Is the writing on the wall?

  2. Concerned

    August 9, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    Who has the balls to pull the trigger. Surely if no one on PCC has, WG must.

  3. David Gardner

    August 9, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    At last what we have all guessed / believed was going on in the darkened corridors of power at County Hall is being revealed in the bright spotlight of the media. Further light has yet to be shed into more grimy corners before all the story is known, but known it will be now that people are losing their fear of speaking out. Not before time those who have ruled with fear are learning what it is like to be the ones on the run. Keep up the good work ‘Pembrokeshire Herald’ and hopefully one day soon we will have a Council that has the needs and interests of Pembrokeshire at heart rather than self interest.

  4. Roy Mcgurn

    August 10, 2014 at 11:48 am

    Economy with the truth is a rather restrained way of putting it! This authority is the most economical in Wales. Changing a fact is not economy with the truth, it\\’s a falsehood. Mr Adams should heed a quote from Abraham Lincoln, \\”Telling the truth is easier than lying as one doesn\\’t have to keep making it up.\\”A clear and honest statement from the Leader on the whole grants affair is needed, though I suspect if he did, heads would have to roll, including his own!

  5. Ann Hackett

    August 10, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    Keep up the good work herald get to the truth and get BPJones OUT and who ever else, who doesnt have the people of pembrokshire at the top of thier priorities they are supposed to be a council for the people not corruption and lies,if they dont pull their socks up soon they wont be needed as a council for Pembrokshire,they are cutting this and that all the time but we still have to pay rates top whack yet BPJones gets away with all sorts NOT ON GET HIM OUT TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM

  6. Bob Wheatley

    August 11, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    Reading all this should be making those people who do not vote begin to realise why they should vote and why millions of men died for their right to vote. did they die in vain? Democracy means that we the public elect a member of the local population to represent us on council. How can you vote for a person who is being told what to do by the people who he/she is supposed to be monitoring I resigned from council because the members thought they were above the law and regulations on the way councils should be run. I enjoyed serving my community but I was a servant of the people who put me there. not to see what I could get from it.BPJ thinks that he is above the law and regulations, but he is not and he also feels that we have to pay him this vast amount of money because you have to pay if you want the best Well he is not the best and in fact I know at least six men who could do his job better than him at a third the price If he employs a private detective to find out who leaked information I hope he is going to pay for it out of his own pocket I am fed up about hearing, about my hard earn\’t money paying for his defence.We pay our rates for B P J to provide us with services. He is cutting hours for the people who are providing those services, and who cannot afford to have their hours cut whilst giving himself and his cronies pay rises to keep them sweet. You watch out Mr Adams he will surely drag you down with him if you are not careful. You must have a lot to hide Bryn be careful or it all might come out just how naughty you have been

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A boy on a scooter sustained minor injuries during the collision, which took place at around 4.20pm.

A red 4×4 is also believed to have been involved.

Anyone who was in the area of the St Peters Road pelican crossing, or nearby Langford road, and either witnessed the collision or who has CCTV that covers this area is asked to get in touch with Dyfed-Powys Police

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Superintendent Jon Cummins, Head of Specialist Operations for Dyfed-Powys Police, said:

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“As a force, action is taken as soon as we gather any intelligence of an event being planned. We will continue to respond swiftly to reports of illegal gatherings, and where appropriate will prosecute those responsible in order to protect our communities. Officers will also be conducting proactive patrols of areas identified as possible sites for these types of gatherings.

“However, these types of illegal events are carefully co-ordinated to avoid police attention, and organisers will always try to find new ways to avoid being found out.

“We rely on the support of communities to report any suspicious activity immediately, so action can be taken to disrupt illegal gatherings swiftly. And there has never been a more important time for us all to look out for each other, and report anything that seems suspicious.

“I would encourage farmers, landowners and local communities to report anything they feel is suspicious or out of the ordinary either online at:, or by email at:, or by calling 101.”

Know the signs:

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Illegal trespassers may recce sites in advance of any rave

People may approach landowners and ask around for land, in the guise of hiring it for acceptable activities such as gymkhanas or scout camps.

If you suspect anyone who approaches you for land hire might not be who they say they are, please do not hesitate to contact police.

Social networks make it easier for organisers to spread the word – rave attendance numbers can grow hugely in short spaces of time, and locations can change quickly.

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