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Inquest concludes suicide after woman went overboard



THE INQUEST into the death of a woman who jumped overboard a ferry in order to kill herself, was heard at the Pembrokeshire Coroners’ Court today (Feb 23).

Jennifer Massi lived at Dagmar Court on Cornwall Road, and was 24-years-old at the time of her death.

Jeremy Davies, Coroner’s Officer for Dyfed-Powys Police told the court that Ms Massi was born in the Kongo in Africa, and was one of two children. She attended Southgate College and took a Business Studies course, and later worked in a dental practise.

Mr Davies said: “The loss of her brother affected her deeply. She suffered with psychosis and was receiving medication. At 8.31am on December 2, Dyfed-Powys Police were made aware of a missing person believed to have gone overboard the ferry, travelling from Pembroke Dock to Rosslaire.
“The coastguard reported that her property was found on the vessel, which included a coat, a mobile phone and a bank card.”

Mr Davies explained that she had travelled on the Eurolines coach from London to Pembrokeshire. The driver of the coach had not realised she was missing until the ferry docked in Ireland, and had said that she had tried to deport the coach a number of times on the way to Pembrokeshire.

Ms Massi was living alone in a one bedroom flat, and suffered with mental health. She had discharged herself from recovery.

Mr Davies continued: “CCTV showed Ms Massi entering the reception area and went on the ferry at 2.10pm. At 2.40pm, the driver of the coach went onto deck 9 for a smoke, and saw Ms Massi there. He went inside at 2.45pm and she was still there.

“Her belongings were found on deck 9, and a text on her mobile phone from a person called Lorraine, who was concerned for her welfare and urged her to make contact on receipt of the message.”

A body was later found on the shore of Milford Haven. Dyfed-Powys Police couldn’t attend as it was only accessible through vessel or air. The body was airlifted to Haverfordwest Aerodrome.

Mr Davies explained that the body matched the description of Ms Massi, and in her pocket was a coach ticket with her name on.

On Monday, December 5, Ms Massi’s father formally identified her body at Withybush Hospital.

Pembrokeshire Coroner, Mark Layton read a report by Dr Ruth Cloocke, who said Ms Massi had an established diagnosis of resistant paranoid schitzophrenia, and had a record of drug misuse.

The court heard that the severe loss of her brother, who was killed in a random act of violence, had affected her greatly, but she had mental health problems since she was a teenager. At age 15, she was removed from her mother’s care after she attempted to take her own life.

She was unable to live alone, and was looking forward to moving into supported accommodation. However, just four days before she was going to move into her new home, she was told it was no longer available.

Mr Davies said: “This had a devastating effect. She started a fire at her previous address, and claimed to have started it accidentally with a cigarette.

“At 2pm that day, she went to her father’s address, but did not tell him about the fire. She accepted a phone call and said she was travelling to the Kongo with her father later that day.

“That was the last communication she had with her family and mental heath professionals.”

Mr Davies explained that she had repeatedly attempted suicide, with incidents such as overdosing on paracetamol and Jack Daniels, thoughts of slashing her wrists and taking 50 paracetamol tablets and drinking bleach.

The court heard that on one occasion, she was found sitting in the dark by herself with two knives, and said she wanted to take apart her hair. Her hair, which was in braids at the time, had been cut off and was on the floor.

Mr Davies said: “In October 2016 she had contemplated suicide, such as walking into a circular road and getting run over. She had low self worth, and had thought about jumping from a bridge, but she denied an intent to act.”

However, Mr Davies said she did act on her thoughts on December 1.

A post-mortem report by Dr Daniel Houza, explained that there was a low level of alcohol which could have been produced after her death, but she had ultimately died through unnatural causes, in particular, drowning.

Mr Mark Layton said that looking at her history of mental health problems, and how deeply affected she was by the death of her brother, the court concludes that Ms Massi took deliberate steps to end her life.

Mr Layton concluded that she committed suicide, and passed on his condolences to the family, who were absent at the inquest.

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Newport: Library to close as it prepares for move



NEWPORT COMMUNITY LIBRARY will close next month as it prepares to move to a new location.

The current site, at Bank House on Bridge Street, will close its doors to the public for the final time at 12:30pm on Saturday, December 8.

The library will then begin the process of moving to Newport Visitor Centre on Long Street, where it is projected to open on Wednesday, December 19.

In advance of the closure period, Newport Community Library customers may borrow a further six books, in addition to the normal allowance, from December 3-8.

All items loaned from the current site will be given a longer loan period, so no overdue notices will be issued, and customers are welcome to return their items to any other library in Pembrokeshire during the closure period.

For more information, contact Newport Community Library on 01239 821 169.

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BBC’s Question Time to be broadcast from Milford Haven tonight



DAVID DIMBLEBY will be chairing BBC’s Question Time from Milford Haven tonight. The show, which takes place on one of the most dramatic days in Westminster in living memory will be broadcast on BBC One at 22:45 tonight.
The program features a studio audience quizzing top politicians on the events of the day. The panel will be, as usual, comprised of at least one member of the three major parties.
Those who can’t watch the show, which is being broadcast from The Torch Theatre, it will be repeated at 6pm on Sunday on the BBC Parliament channel.
The management of the Torch Theatre have posted on Facebook saying they warmly welcome the crew and panel to Milford Haven.

Did you know?
Each week Question Time aims to select a panel with a broad range of views, knowledge and experience, with panellists who are relevant to the big stories or debates of that week.
The composition of the panel varies week to week, but across each series there is a range of politicians, journalists, and public figures from the arts, business and elsewhere, to add a variety of perspectives and represent a breadth of viewpoints.
Question Time is usually recorded “as-live” shortly before transmission. The recording is done in a single take, precisely as if it were broadcast live. The first time the panellists hear the questions is when they are asked by the audience; they are never pre-warned.
Question Time selects local audiences which reflect a broad range of political views. People apply to be in the audience for Question Time via the website and by phone and producers get in touch to ask questions on their previous voting record and future voting intentions, whether they have party political membership and also how they voted in the EU Referendum. This is to ensure a range of views are represented in the audience. Occasionally, if production staff feel any group or view is under-represented in the applications, they will promote the programme through relevant local media channels to encourage people to apply.
As with the make-up of the panels, Question Time is aiming to achieve due impartiality in the membership of the audience across the series as a whole, rather than being confined to an exact mathematical formula for each programme. However, particular guidelines will apply during election periods to both panels and audiences.
Audience members write and submit questions on the night. The production team chooses questions which represent the most popular topics. Throughout the programme, audience members are also given the opportunity by the chair to ask further spontaneous questions to the panel, or, of course, to make their own comments.

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Red Roses: MP calls for ‘urgent action’ on dangerous junction



Crash: Just one of the incidents at the junction from earlier in the year

SIMON HART MP is calling for urgent action to be taken on dangerous junctions at Red Roses and Llandowror.

He has written to the Welsh Transport minister six times since the new Red Roses by-pass was built – but no action has yet been taken.

“Homeowners from Red Roses, Llandowror and Pendine who have to use these junctions all the time are telling me how dangerous they find them,” he said.

Despite repeated requests, the only changes made have been a few extra signs at the westbound approach to Red Roses junction.

“I am frustrated because the Welsh Assembly Government is refusing to release data on these roads – in April this year they told us they were waiting for the 2017 data in order to complete the three-year-safety audit,” added Mr Hart.

“We are now 11 months into 2018 – how much longer do we have to wait for last year’s figures?

“It is known that two crashes happened at the Llandowror junction requiring police in 2015 and 2016 and there was a fatal accident close to the Red Roses junction last week.”

Mr Hart added: “I have asked for improved lighting at the Llandowror junction and been refused because ‘there are no indications that this junction has safety problems in the hours of darkness’ according to Welsh Transport Minister Ken Skates.

“I have written to him once again asking for the figures and am working closely with the relevant community councils to try to make this road safer.”

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