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School challenge needs entries



Capgemini Group, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, is calling for entries to the TARGET nationanl school challengejobs National Schools’ Challenge, which it is proudly sponsoring in Wales.

The TARGETjobs National Schools’ Challenge in Wales gives 16- 19 year olds the chance to benchmark themselves against thousands of students from schools and colleges within the region and across the UK. The first part of the challenge involves a set of four online aptitude tests which must be completed by Friday February 20, 2015. The top 10 pupils in every region will then be invited to take part in the Grand Final which will take place at Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co, Birmingham on Friday March 13, 2015 with a first prize of £500 for the student and £1,000 for their school.

Andy McDonough, Senior Account Executive at Capgemini, said: “We know through our own Apprenticeship Programme in Wales that there is some great young talent in this region, so we are delighted to be supporting this element of the National Schools’ Challenge. This is a fantastic opportunity for entrants to demonstrate their ability, energy, and fresh, innovative ideas, to a host of major organisations. We’d like to wish all the Welsh entrants the very best of luck.”

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Facing secondary exam failure: A guide to what you should do next



ACHIEVING success in secondary exams, particularly GCSEs is a pivotal milestone that lays the foundation for future educational and career pursuits. These exams hold significant weight, serving as gateways to various opportunities and higher academic achievements. However, what should students do when faced with the challenging reality of not meeting the expected academic standards?

How can a learner navigate the setbacks of exam failure and carve a path toward personal and academic
growth? In this post, we’ll delve into alternative routes that students facing challenges with their GCSEs
can consider to chart a resilient course toward future success.

Reflect on Individual Circumstances

Education is a lifelong journey. So, while you may not have achieved the desired results in secondary
school, you can have numerous success stories as you progress to other academic levels. The trick is to
learn from your mistake first, so you don’t repeat it. To do that, reflect on your circumstances and
consider factors that may have contributed to the exam outcomes. This could involve analyzing study
habits, personal challenges, or external factors that affect performance. Then, come up with a list of
what you should do to ensure favorable outcomes on your next education journey.

Explore Options

There are numerous alternative paths that you should consider in such a scenario. This includes retaking
exams, vocational training, or exploring different educational routes. When you explore alternative
paths, it opens up a range of opportunities beyond traditional academic routes. Alternative paths often
emphasize practical skills and hands-on experience, which provide a different approach to education
that can be valuable in various industries.

It’s also a way to align your education with career interests and goals so that you can find a more
fulfilling and suitable path. Some alternative paths, such as apprenticeships, allow students to enter the
workforce more quickly and gain practical experience while working towards qualifications.

Retake Exams

Students planning to retake exams should consider a focused study plan to address areas of weakness
and improve their performance. Consider getting a tutor to help you understand academic areas you
find challenging.

You can also pay for an essay and get quality content from a subject expert who will help you
understand more about a specific academic topic. The information from a subject expert can even come
in handy during exams and help you ace it.

Explore Different Education Routes

Some popular and different education routes to consider are vocational training, apprenticeships, higher
education courses, and alternative courses. Each option comes with its own set of advantages.
Investigating choices that correspond with your interests and long-term objectives is crucial. Let’s delve
into the details of each option.

Vocational Training and Apprenticeships

Explore vocational training programs or apprenticeships that offer hands-on, practical learning
experiences in specific industries. This alternative education route has advantages, such as immediate
application of skills and shorter duration.
Vocational training offers a practical and viable alternative for students who have faced challenges in
traditional academic settings. It emphasizes skills that are directly applicable in the workplace. It also
opens doors to various career options across industries and provides flexibility for individuals to explore
different paths.

Besides, many vocational qualifications are well-recognized and respected in the job market. Hence, it
can contribute to better career prospects or serve as a stepping stone for further career advancement,
with additional training and specialization opportunities.

Alternative Qualifications and Courses

Consider alternative qualifications or courses that may not solely rely on traditional academic
achievements. Look for courses that align with your interests and future goals. The great part about this route is that it gives students diverse options and opportunities to pursue subjects of interest in a less
traditional academic format. It also has flexibility in learning styles.

Access to Higher Education Courses

Look into access to Higher Education (HE) courses designed for individuals who may not have traditional
qualifications but aspire to pursue higher education. Often, such courses are tailored for mature
students, are focused on specific subjects, and can serve as a bridge to higher education institutions.
Access to such courses can be a valuable pathway for individuals who have faced challenges with GCSEs.
It allows one to pursue higher education and work towards specific academic and career goals.
However, learners should always verify that the course and the institution offering it are accredited and
recognized to ensure the qualification holds value. Finally, choose that which aligns with your career
goals and interests to ensure relevance and motivation throughout the program.

Online Learning Platforms

Explore online learning platforms offering courses from universities and institutions worldwide, such as
Coursera, edX, or FutureLearn. This option comes with flexibility, diverse course offerings, and the
opportunity to gain skills and knowledge. This choice suits those who faced challenges or didn’t get the
desired results in their GCSE exams. Be aware that you’ll have many options if you choose this path.
The trick is to ensure that the online courses or platforms are reputable and offer recognized
certifications upon completion. Then, check if the certifications obtained through the courses you want
are recognized in your desired industry and can contribute to career advancement. Read reviews and
testimonials from other learners who have taken the courses to gauge the quality and effectiveness of
the platform.

Foundation Year Programs

These programs help students gain the expertise necessary to enter undergraduate degree programs
successfully. They are often tailored for individuals who may not have met the typical entry
requirements, including those who faced challenges with GCSEs.
Successful completion guarantees progression to an undergraduate degree at that institution leading to
higher education. Students considering this option should contact the universities or institutions offering
foundation year programs to understand their specific admissions criteria and application process.

Stay Positive

It’s okay to feel sad and disappointed. After all, exams are significant milestones, and not achieving the
desired results can evoke a range of emotions. Give yourself space to process these emotions. But don’t
stay gloomy for too long. Instead, be positive and prioritize self-care.

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Pembrokeshire College learners triumph at WorldSkills UK finals



IN A DAZZLING showcase of talent and skill, Pembrokeshire College students emerged victorious at the prestigious WorldSkills UK Finals held in Manchester.

An incredible 14 learners made it through to the finals where they competed against hundreds of regional contenders.

Among the standout performers were beauty therapists Kaya Mujica and Carlie-Jayne Dutton who both secured Silver medals, and fellow student Erin Owens who secured Bronze.

In Foundation Skills, learners showcased their commitment to excellence with George Scully winning a Gold medal in Health and Social Care, and Daniel Lock earning a Silver medal in the same category. Anthony Davies added to the glory with a Silver medal in Horticulture, while Oliver Mathias also competed in the Horticulture finals.

Further accolades were earned in Foundation Skills: IT Software Solutions for Business, with Emily Sinnott securing Bronze while Sion Duncan and Declan Morrisey also showcased their skills as finalists in this category.

The success continued across various disciplines with Tomos Evans claiming a Bronze medal in Plumbing and Grace Young receiving a Highly Commended acknowledgment in Restaurant Service. Elena Phillipps-Waring also made it through to the finals for Restaurant Service whilst Jordan Palmer competed as a finalist in Welding.

Welsh institutions dominated the medal leader board with six Welsh colleges securing spots in the top 11 organisations across the UK. ‘Team Wales’ soared to new heights, clinching an astounding 51 medals across a diverse range of skills, a testament to the excellence and dedication of the Welsh contingent. Pembrokeshire College proudly secured the top position for the number of medals in Wales, standing out as a powerhouse in skills development. Pembrokeshire College excelled at becoming joint fourth in the UK League and second in the UK Foundation League.

In Foundation Skills, Pembrokeshire College and Elidyr Communities Trust further demonstrated their commitment, securing positions in the top 5 organisations from across the UK.

Principal Dr Barry Walters commended the learners: “Pembrokeshire College is extremely proud of the learners who qualified for the Worldskills UK finals in Manchester.

“With 14 finalists, eight medals and one highly commended award, it demonstrates the depth of talent and skills that young people possess in South West Wales which supports local businesses and the economy.

“My congratulations to all the learners who competed, those who got to the finals and those who finished in the medal positions. I am also grateful to the staff who have supported these learners on their competitions journey.”

The achievements of Pembrokeshire College students exemplify the institution’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering excellence.

To find out more about the various full-time and part-time courses the College has to offer please visit

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Success for YBG pupils at prestigious awards



ON FRIDAY (Nov 17), the prestigious Pembrokeshire Spotlight Awards was held in Pembrokeshire college. The Awards are an annual event to recognise and celebrate children and young people who achieve exceptional things and make a real difference in Pembrokeshire.
The Awards are a chance to nominate someone you feel deserves recognition for their outstanding achievements across 12 categories.

This year, two pupils of Ysgol Bro Gwaun were nominated for their outstanding achievements and shortlisted for the awards. William Screen from year 7 was nominated for the Arts award for his work with the local youth club and Helin Mohammed was nominated for her work with the peer tutors programme where she worked with pupils who had joined the school from Ukraine.

A huge congratulations to William and Helin to be shortlisted and recognised for their hard work.

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