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Jeremy Miles’ Manifesto: Possible Benefits for Forex Traders



Jeremy Miles, the prominent figure vying for the position of Wales’ next first minister against Vaughan Gething, has recently revealed his comprehensive manifesto, outlining a vision for sustainable economic growth. His proposals include initiatives that cover a wide range of sectors, from housing and healthcare to education and transportation. While his proposed changes are intended to increase the well-being of Welsh citizens, the implications can extend to wider economic spheres, even affecting the forex (foreign exchange) market. As a forex trader, it’s essential to anticipate the market’s movement if Jeremy Miles becomes Wales’s first minister. Let’s take a closer look. 

Homes and the Rent-To-Own Scheme

One of the key proposals from Jeremy Miles is the rent-to-own scheme, which will allow renters to become homeowners. Allowing individuals to transition from renters to homeowners by building up a lump sum towards a deposit while renting their home can increase the number of homeowners in Wales. The Shared Ownership scheme also allows individuals to buy property shares and pay rent on what remains.

The rent-to-own scheme can benefit those trading forex because it will stimulate activity in the real estate market, eventually affecting currency valuations tied to housing sectors. Increased demand for housing due to the rent-to-own scheme can lead to higher property prices and construction activity. These reflect economic conditions and investor sentiment that forex traders monitor. 

Also, increased consumer spending on homeownership can increase currency value due to interest rates and inflation expectations. The changes in the real estate market can lead to positive developments like increased homeownership rates and stable housing markets, which attract foreign investment and improve investor sentiment and risk appetite. 

Economic Changes and Business Support

Source: Suzy Hazelwood via Pexels

Jeremy Miles is also moving towards providing financial incentives for new and recent graduates to set up businesses in Wales. He will be pushing a ‘Make It In Wales’ campaign to attempt to bring Welsh people living in other countries back home. His focus is to create quality and sustainable jobs, innovate the rural economy, and place emphasis on AI, biotech and sustainability.

The incentives for entrepreneurship among graduates will lead to job creation and economic growth, which can impact currency movements. Entrepreneurship also has different economic benefits, including being advantageous to forex traders. This is because it leads to higher economic activity and consumer confidence, all of which are indicators for forex traders to consider.

It will also improve the balance of payments in Wales, which is a critical determinant of the currency value. As businesses expand and unemployment reduces, it leads to higher exports and lower imports and attracts foreign investments for a more robust local currency.


Miles has highlighted the importance of education in his manifesto, as he aims to increase the standards and investment in schools. He has promised to increase the percentage of the Welsh government budget spent on schools.

This can benefit forex traders because increased spending on education can boost investor confidence in Wales as a sign of a government’s commitment to economic growth. With investors gaining confidence, they are more likely to invest in its currency, which can influence its standing in the forex market. A growing economy also leads to higher interest rates, attracting foreign capital that can benefit forex traders.

At the same time, it’s important to note that Miles’ plan to increase spending on education can lead to the Welsh government borrowing additional funds to finance these initiatives and impact inflation expectations, which will put downward pressure on the currency and affect forex traders in this way. 

Transportation Infrastructure

Source: Burak The Weekender via Pexels

Furthermore, Miles emphasised the importance of investing in infrastructure, especially transportation. His plans include developing integrated rail and bus services and proposed initiatives to reduce congestion on major roadways.

Improving investment in transportation infrastructure can enhance connectivity and facilitate trade, which are indicators closely monitored by forex traders for their impact on currency values. Miles has mentioned that investment will be needed in rail and public transport and that he can finally use Wales’s fair share of the High Speed 2 (HS2) investment.

The expected increased investment in transportation infrastructure projects can influence the trade balances, which will appreciate the domestic currency and benefit forex traders. 

UK Re-Joining the EU Single Market

Forex traders will be strongly impacted if Jeremy Miles achieves his goal of pushing the UK to rejoin the EU single market after the country left during Brexit. In his recent interviews, he supported the idea, saying that he would strongly advocate for this with Sir Keir Starmer, the labour leader, if he became the first minister of Wales. 

The UK’s potential re-entry into the EU single market will be a positive development for forex traders, as it can make the GBP more stable and strengthen it against other currencies, boosting investor sentiment, economic growth and forex trades. However, remember that negotiating this can cause the currency market to be volatile in the interim. 

Can Forex Traders Be Confident in Jeremy Miles’ Manifesto for Wales? 

Jeremy Miles’ manifesto has outlined ambitious proposals to foster sustainable economic growth and solve societal challenges in Wales. The implications will extend to other economic spheres like the forex market. It’s recommended for forex traders to closely monitor the developments in Wales since, if Jeremy Miles wins, the potential impact on currency valuations and trading opportunities will be significant.

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Pembrokeshire’s ‘Pure West Radio’ celebrates sixth birthday



THERE ain’t no birthday like a Pure West birthday! 

Pure West Radio – Pembrokeshire’s multi-award-winning radio station is celebrating its sixth birthday this month – and is ready to move up a gear when it starts broadcasting on DAB later this summer. 

Pure West, which now has a staff of 12, and a team of over 90 volunteers bringing news, sport, entertainment and information to the airwaves of Pembrokeshire, celebrated its sixth anniversary on April 4 – and decided to share its celebrations with its loyal listeners – giving no fewer than 1,100 of them free tickets to some top local events. 

For the Pure West Team the birthday was marked with a staff party at Seven Spice in Haverfordwest – but for listeners the treats were more varied. 

Pure West Radio joined forces with Ocky White Travel – itself celebrating a 60th anniversary – to give away a cruise holiday to one lucky winner. On April 3 nurse Ffion Thomas, from Johnston, was announced as the winner of the seven-day P&O cruise to the Norwegian Fjords. She is taking her mum along with her as a 60th birthday treat when the Iona sets sail from Southampton on May 18. 

And the giveaways didn’t stop there… Mark Edwards kindly shared 100 free tickets for a celebratory Silent Disco at Eddie Rocks, in Haverfordwest, that were snapped up within an hour – so a hundred more were released; Pure West Radio also teamed up with Hangar 5, also in Haverfordwest, and offered two one-hour free bounces for listeners, but again demand far outweighed expectations, so another hour’s bounce was provided. 

In addition, Pure West Radio joined forces with The Palace Cinema, in Haverfordwest, for a free showing of Shrek – the Movie – but, yet again, a second showing had to be booked to accommodate all those who wanted tickets. 

And sports fans haven’t been left out of the party – Haverfordwest County AFC, media partners of Pure West, have supplied 100 free tickets for the Bluebrids final home game of the season against Colwyn Bay to the broadcaster’s listeners. 

“Our birthday celebrations were immense,” said Toby Ellis, Station Manager, “We gave away 1,100 free tickets to local events to make sure our dedicated listeners and followers were able to join in the party… putting a smile on the faces of more than a thousand Pembrokeshire people. 

“And while the birthday celebrations are winding down – Pure West Radio – the only radio station based in Pembrokeshire – is gearing up for the next phase in our story. 

“The licence for DAB broadcasting is in place – and we hope to go live within the next few months. 

“We’ve expanded our staff and are currently looking for a full-time show producer – so anyone interested should email [email protected] to find out more, and we have some new sponsors – Ocky White Travel is now the official sponsor of Pure West’s daytime show and Folly Farm sponsors the breakfast show. 

“And we’ve teamed up with yet more Pembrokeshire businesses who are taking advantage of our huge reach to spread their message across the county. 

“There really is something for everyone on Pure West Radio – tune in via app, smart speaker and check out our website for the latest going on in Pembrokeshire, he added.” 

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Suspended sentence for distribution and possession of child abuse images



IN a controversial decision at Swansea Crown Court, 20-year-old Euwyn Draper of Goat Street, Haverfordwest, has been spared prison time despite admitting to possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

The court heard that Draper pleaded guilty to charges involving 74 Category A images — the most severe — along with 102 Category B and 385 Category C images. These were amassed and shared over a period last year, with specific distributions occurring on November 4, 2022.

Prosecutor Sian Cutter detailed that the investigation began with a raid at Draper’s residence on December 21, 2022. Although Draper was not present, and initial searches of his devices at his home returned no results, subsequent actions led to his arrest at his workplace. Upon confronting law enforcement, Draper immediately acknowledged his awareness of the reasons for their presence, lamenting, “I know why you’re here. I don’t do it anymore. I’m sorry.”

Further examination of his phone revealed not only the indecent images but also concerning internet searches and conversations indicating a focus on children. Notably, Draper had sent one image of each category to a contact named “Ralph” via WhatsApp.

Despite these admissions, Draper, who has no prior convictions, denied a sexual interest in children during his interview.

Representing Draper, defence lawyer Dan Griffiths stressed the defendant’s recognition of the gravity of his offences and highlighted his client’s age and immaturity at the time of the offences. The court also considered the prolonged period since the arrest to the trial, a span of 16 months.

Judge Geraint Walters addressed the court, underscoring the public’s disdain for such crimes and the harsh reality behind the images. “These are real children, they are not actors,” Judge Walters emphasized, condemning the market that drives such exploitative material.

Ultimately, Draper received a suspended sentence of 12 months for distribution and six months, concurrent, for making the images. Over the next two years, he must complete the Horizon programme and 30 days of rehabilitation activities. Additionally, Draper will be registered as a sex offender and is subject to a sexual harm prevention order for ten years.

Judge Walters concluded with a stern admonition for Draper to commit to rehabilitation and to move past this “dark phase” in his life, marking a pivotal moment for the young defendant and the community’s ongoing battle against such digital crimes.

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The Harbourmaster: Special rail excursion draws crowds to Milford Haven



MILFORD HAVEN witnessed an extraordinary event yesterday as a special charter train, operated by UK Railtours, made a unique visit to the town, drawing in 500 railway enthusiasts. Departing from London Paddington, the 13-carriage train, which included both first class and standard accommodations, travelled off the usual passenger routes to provide a scenic journey along the south Wales coast.

Starting the day with pick-ups from various locations including Slough, Reading, Swindon, and Bristol Parkway, the train ventured through the Severn Tunnel into Wales, showcasing a series of rarely used freight tracks. Notably, the locomotive switched at Newport to a pair of GBRf Class 66 freight engines, enhancing the experience for those on board by traversing tracks seldom seen by passenger services.

The journey took passengers through Cardiff, Bridgend, and Port Talbot Parkway, deviating at Court Sart Junction to follow the diversionary Swansea District line. The train paused at various locations including Llanelli and Haverfordwest, where passengers enjoyed a 90-minute break while the train was serviced.

A major highlight of the trip was the exploration of the seldom-visited Robeston branch, a treat for the rail enthusiasts who filled the train to capacity, necessitating a waiting list for hopeful travellers. The venture concluded at Milford Haven, where passengers disembarked for a photo session before the train commenced its return journey to London, including a final scenic pass via the Swansea Avoiding line and the Bishton flyover.

Local Councillor Nicola Harteveld of Milford Haven Town Council expressed delight at the influx of visitors, noting, “What an incredible sight at Milford Waterfront today with passengers enjoying our local scenery. It’s a testament to the unique charm and appeal of special rail tours.”

First class passengers were treated to The Great British Breakfast and a four-course dinner, while a buffet car served those in standard class, ensuring all passengers enjoyed their journey with comfort and style.

This tour, fully booked in all classes, underscores the continuing enthusiasm for unique rail experiences in the UK, combining a love for heritage rail with the exploration of less-travelled tracks. As the train made its way back to London Paddington, the participants reflected on a day filled with adventure and picturesque landscapes, leaving them with memories of a rare rail journey along the historic and scenic routes of Wales.

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