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Is the Holy Grail in Pembrokeshire?



FEW items in human history have captured as much attention and imagination as ‘The Holy Grail’, maybe that weird colour-changing dress from 2017 but that’s it!

Whether you believe it’s the cup used by Jesus at The Last Supper that then caught his blood during his crucifixion or if you think that it might be the bloodline of Christ, the search for the Holy Grail is a story of intrigue, mystery, regular toilet-breaks and bloodshed.

Our crusade, our last crusade if you will, to find the truth about this holy relic is based around legend, myth and tales hundreds of years old (we also got told lots by a guy in a pub who claimed to have been there) so it’s only right to take a pinch of salt so big that it could be used to defrost a driveway.

But let’s get started: After the death of Jesus, the cup was reported to be in the possession of one of Jesus’ disciples, Joseph of Arimathea who, legend says, brought the cup at the worlds first Ikea built on the Gethesmane Trading Estate.

Joseph, it’s believed, was so unpopular in the early church that he was sent to Britain in the years following Jesus’ death to help spread the word of Chris, according to legend he took his pilgrim’s staff and the Grail to Glastonbury in South-West England and, on land given to him by an English King, founded the Abbey.

To mark the site of the Abbey, Joseph stuck his staff into the ground and from it ‘The Glastonbury Thorn’ is alleged to have bloomed. The Thorn, which Homebase plants section experts have proven originated in the Middle-East, flowers twice a year, at Christmas and again at Easter.

Fast-forward about 1500 years to Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries, the Church of England began ‘reclaiming’ the wealth hoarded by religious institutions that were under the control of the Roman Catholic Church.

Shortly before the sacking of Glastonbury Abbey National, a Monk was sent off in possession of an important treasure which, among other things, could be The Holy Grail or a Sony Playstation 5.

When the Abbey was stripped of its riches, no sign of The Grail could be found, just lots of scrunched up sweet wrappers and old Argos catalogues which are probably worth money now, people pay money for any old rubbish; look at eBay.

Shortly after that a Monk, exhausted and close to death began, according to local legend, hammering on the door of the monastery on Caldey Island, Pembrokeshire, demanding sanctuary.

After being granted entry, he couldn’t find any takeaways on his JustEat app so he demanded the Friar wall him and his ‘Glastonbury Treasure’ up so the Monk could fulfill his vow of protecting the treasure with his life.

Over the next 400 years, the Grail becomes little more than a story, various ‘Grails’ have been found around the world with none standing up to serious scientific scrutiny. One we saw was just a heavily painted Sprite can.

But there’s a twist in our last crusade that, some say, could point to the very spot that ‘The Glastonbury Treasure’ is hidden.

In the 1970’s, builders were brought in on Caldey Island to help improve the garden area of the monastery as part of a pilot episode for ‘Changing Rooms’, it was during these building works that Arthur Gay, the gardener, reported witnessing the ghostly spectre of a Monk who walked through the gardens and disappeared through a wall.

Could Caldey Island hold the key to unlocking one of the oldest and most controversial mysteries that christianity has left us with?

Even if it doesn’t, imagine the episode of ‘Cash in the Attic’ we’d get….


Fishguard RNLI launch to attend injured fisherman 13 miles offshore



FISHGUARD’s RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat launched early on Monday (Jan 17), with a full volunteer crew, to rendezvous with an Irish scalloper fishing boat which had an injured crew member aboard. The 14-metre fishing boat ‘ Golden Fleece’ had requested assistance by making radio contact with HM Coastguard. 

The lifeboat launched at 7.30am in calm conditions and headed to the fishing boat positioned approximately 13 miles north of Cemaes Head. Once on location the injured fisherman, who had suffered a significant finger injury, was transferred to the lifeboat. No further medical assistance was necessary from the lifeboat crew but he was kept under observation during the return journey to Fishguard where he was transferred to an awaiting ambulance upon arrival at 8.30am.   


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Brains’ £100 million sell-off plan includes local pubs in Pembrokeshire



SA BRAINs is close to completing a £100m deal which will see the sale of 100 Wales pubs, including Pembrokeshire locals, it has been reported.

It is reported that Wales most prominent brewers will sell the freeholds to 100 of it’s pubs to a consortium.

Brains currently has a portfolio of 200 pubs across Wales and the South West.

Sources within the pub industry said that the transaction could be signed in the next few days.

The deal is to be made with Song Capital and Cerberus Capital Management, the former owner of Admiral Taverns.

The deal, which is thought to be around the £100m mark, is expected to be used by the Brains’ family shareholders to pay down debt.

The hospitality sector has been hit severely by the Coronavirus pandemic, being forced to close for long periods at a time and then reopening with strict restrictions.

In 2020, Brains struck a deal with Marston’s to operate 141 of its pubs, under the Welsh brewers brand, following financial pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Six Pembrokeshire pubs are earmarked to be included in the transaction; The Ferry Inn, St Dogmaels, Crown Inn, Tenby, Grove Hotel, Narberth, Waterman’s Arms, Pembroke, Harbour Inn, Solva and The Galleon, Broad Haven.

The sale will see the Brains pub estate as a family-owned brewer with a small residual pub portfolio.

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St Clears’ McDonald’s opening delayed for a week



McDonald's sign

THE OPENING of the new 100-seater McDonald’s in St Clears has been delayed by a week. 

The restaurant, which will be built along the main approach road to Pembrokeshire, aimed to open its doors on Wednesday, January 19. 

However, the company has confirmed that the opening has been postponed until Wednesday, January 26. 

The new McDonald’s will join Haverfordwest and Pembroke Dock McDonald’s as the only members of the company located west of Carmarthen. 

It hoped to provide over 80 full and part time jobs due to being open around the clock. They hosted a recruitment day in December 2021. 

The original applications had previously stated that the McDonald’s would be open 24 hours a day. A premises licence application is currently being made to the County Council for the “provision of late-night refreshments” which, if accepted, would allow the restaurant to be open 24 hours a day.

It will open on the opposite side of the road to Travelodge and Starbucks, which replaced the Little Chef restaurant in 2017.

The restaurant was initially going to include a separate building which would have accommodated a Costa Coffee. However, it will now host a Greggs. 

Alongside this, planning permission has been granted separately for a petrol station with six electric charging points.

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Fishguard RNLI launch to attend injured fisherman 13 miles offshore

FISHGUARD’s RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat launched early on Monday (Jan 17), with a full volunteer crew, to rendezvous with an Irish...

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Brains’ £100 million sell-off plan includes local pubs in Pembrokeshire

SA BRAINs is close to completing a £100m deal which will see the sale of 100 Wales pubs, including Pembrokeshire...

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Homeless man threatened to slit the throats of Haverfordwest Job Centre staff

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