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Top 12 Profitable Farming Business Ideas in Wales

In this guide, we will talk about farming business ideas to start in Wales. Whether you’re new to farming or you’ve been doing it for a while, these ideas can help you. Let’s begin!



What would you do first if you won the Irish lottery at Lottoland? How about using the prize money in a farming business in Wales? The farming business can bring in a lot of money, which we’ll always need. Even though it might be harder and need a lot of effort, the money you make is definitely worth it. Plus, it feels really good, especially when you’re growing or raising something you really care about.

In this guide, we will talk about farming business ideas to start in Wales. Whether you’re new to farming or you’ve been doing it for a while, these ideas can help you. Let’s begin!


Ever thought about beekeeping? It might not be the first idea in your mind, but it’s a really cool way to do agriculture. Those fuzzy yellow bees can make all sorts of stuff like honey, royal jelly, pollen, and beeswax. And the best part is you don’t need a ton of money to start, and you won’t have to worry about big machines right away.

Growing Corn 

Do you know what’s easy to grow? Corn! If you’ve got some land, corn is a great thing to have on your farm. It doesn’t cost too much, which is perfect if you’re just getting started. But remember, like with anything on the farm, there are some extra costs to think about, like keeping your vehicles running.

Making and Selling Seeds 

Did you know that making seeds is a thing? It’s like growing plants, but just for the seeds. And good seeds are super important for getting good crops and lots of food. So, if you’re into plants and stuff, this could be your thing. And guess what? More people wanting good seeds means you could make some money too!

Flower Farming

Consider starting a flower farming business. By nurturing and cultivating various types of flowers, you can create stunning bouquets and arrangements that bring joy to people’s lives. Whether you sell your blooms locally, at markets, or even offer subscription services, flower farming offers a chance to combine your love for nature with a profitable business venture.

Dairy Farming 

Running a dairy farm? It’s a bit more complicated, but you can totally do it, even if you’re not an expert yet. The cool thing is you can make all sorts of yummy stuff from milk. And guess what? You can take it even further by selling things like milkshakes or ice cream from a food truck!

Raising Chickens 

Raising chickens is a really good idea. People always want chicken meat and eggs, so you can make some money for sure. You can choose between the ones for meat or the ones for eggs. And you know what? Chickens don’t need too much looking after, which is awesome if you’re just starting out. Even if you have a small farm, you can still sell eggs to your neighbours and make some cash.

Growing Mushrooms Here’s something you might not have thought of growing mushrooms. They’re a bit different, but they’re super cool. Not only can you sell them, but they can also help your other veggies grow better by giving them good stuff. Just be careful to pick the right kind of mushrooms. Some are not for eating, so ensure you know which ones are safe.

Petting Farm 

Starting a petting farm or an animal sanctuary is another business idea to consider. You don’t need to sell things, but you get to care for many different animals. It’s like a fun adventure in having a small business. Kids from local schools can come to visit, and families can have a great time with interactive animal experiences. And guess what? You might even be able to sell eggs and other stuff to make some extra money.

Vertical Farming Business

As cities get bigger, there’s less space to grow food. But here’s a clever idea: vertical farming. It’s like growing crops in layers, one on top of the other. You can do it indoors using special systems, which means you can have fresh veggies all year round, no matter the season. Plus, it saves on travel costs and brings yummy food closer to people who live in cities.

Livestock Rearing

Raising animals has been a thing for a long time, and it’s still a great idea. You can raise animals like cows for their milk and products like butter and cream. And guess what? If you take good care of them by giving them good food and keeping them healthy, you can make some good money. Or you can go for poultry farming, raising birds like chickens or ducks for their meat and eggs. You need to make sure they have a nice place to live, good food, and keep them away from diseases. It’s a bit of work, but it’s worth it for the delicious rewards.

Healing Herbs Goodies 

Guess what’s getting really popular these days? Using healing herbs and herbal stuff to feel better. People want natural ways to stay healthy, and herbs have been helping folks for ages. These plants have special stuff in them that can make us feel good. So, if you’re into herbs and making things, this could be a great way to start a business. You could make products with these herbs and help people feel their best.

Tree Farm

Ever thought about growing trees? It’s like farming but with trees instead of crops. Trees are super important for things like wood, paper, and even Christmas trees. There are all kinds of tree farms, each with its challenges and good stuff. You can grow trees for wood like pine and spruce, paper, or even Christmas trees. It’s a cool business idea with different paths you can take.

Hydroponic Farming

Do you know how plants usually grow in the ground? Well, there’s a new way: hydroponic farming. It’s like magic gardening in water full of good stuff for plants. You don’t need soil at all. This cool idea saves water, gives you more crops, and you can do it all year round. If you’re good at it and you work hard, you can make a lot of money with hydroponic farming.

Final Thoughts

Farming is always changing, just like how people want different things. The ideas we discussed here cover many of those changes, from taking care of the environment to making things that are good for us.

So, if you want to start a business in farming, you’ve got a lot of choices. You just need to plan things well, see what people want, and care about doing things in a way that helps the Earth. If you do it right, you can make a business that helps you and makes the world better.


A40 closed due to two vehicle collision near Camrose



TWO people have been rushed to hospital following a crash on the A40 on Thursday (Jun 6).

Rescuers were called to a two-vehicle crash near Camrose, Haverfordwest at around 9.10am.

The road was closed in both directions.Both drivers were taken to hospital for further treatment, but was reopened shortly after midday.

A Dyfed-Powys Police spokesperson told The Pembrokeshire Herald: “Dyfed-Powys Police responded to reports of a two-vehicle road traffic collision at the Camrose junction on the A40, just outside Haverfordwest Airport at approximately 9.10am.

“Drivers of both vehicles were taken to hospital, with one being treated for minor injuries and the other treated for more serious injuries which are not believed to be life threatening.

“The road was closed while officers attended the scene and reopened shortly after 12pm.”

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10th anniversary of the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre



PEMBROKE Dock Heritage Centre is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Since the museum was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2014, the centre has gone from strength to strength.

Today the museum is a ‘go to’ for information on the military, maritime and social history of Pembroke Dock, an archive of specialist research knowledge on the role of the Sunderland flying boats, and a beacon for Star Wars fans.

The importance of the Heritage Centre will be celebrated on Saturday April 27th with an Open Day.

The museum will be free to enter, from 11am to 3pm.

The Heritage Centre was the culmination of many heritage initiatives and over the years so many volunteers have given their time, skills, energies and enthusiasm to these – from the Gun Tower Museum to the Flying Boat Interpretation Centre, the Fleet Surgeons House and now in the magnificent Royal Dockyard Chapel.

Those at the Heritage centre look forward to welcoming everyone, especial any former volunteers and family members of those involved in past years.

See the website also Facebook and X for further details.

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Fishguard Festival of Music tickets go on sale next week



TICKETS go on sale on Monday 15 April for this year’s Fishguard Festival of Music/Gŵyl Gerdd Abergwaun concerts.   18 events will be staged at venues across Pembrokeshire from 18 to 31 July, with the popular Welsh National Opera Orchestra returning to the festival to perform at St David’s Cathedral on Friday 19 July.  Conductor Tomas Hanus will lead a programme that will include Bruckner’s Sixth Symphony and the Mozart Clarinet Concerto.

Other artists performing at this year’s festival include the Marmen String Quartet, the Welsh National Opera Chamber Orchestra and violinist Jennifer Pike with pianist Jâms Coleman.  Harpist Catrin Finch and violinist Aoife Ní Bhriain will team up for a concert following their acclaimed debut album Double You released last year.  Pianist and Festival Patron Peter Donohoe , soprano Claire Booth, accompanied by pianist Jâms Coleman,  will give recitals.  The Bute Wind Quintet and the National Youth Brass Band, Choir and Orchestra of Wales will also give concerts. Welsh Chamber Folk Trio VRi will return after their sell-out concert at Theatr Gwaun two years ago.  The festival will open with a concert in Newport by the Young Music Makers of Dyfed.

The full programme is available to view on the festival’s website and tickets will be on sale from 9.00am on Monday 15th of April and can be booked via 

Gillian Green MBE, Artistic Director of the Fishguard Festival of Music, said: “The Fishguard Festival has been a showcase for world-class music in West Wales for over fifty years and this year we will be reverting to our traditional dates in July following the temporary move of the festival dates following COVID. 

“We have an excellent line-up this year and will be taking music outdoors and visiting care homes courtesy of performances by Filkins Drift, funded by Tŷ Cerdd in association with Live Music Now.”

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