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Victim speaks out about sexual abuse



devil on the doorsterpCARMARTHENSHIRE girl Annabelle Forest was just seven years old when she was inducted into a twisted sex cult by her own mother; an experience she writes about it in The Devil on the Door Step: My Escape from a Satanic Sex Cult. Annabelle, who now has two children and a husband, says: “When I look at my daughter and feel my heart swell, it defies all my understanding that there are people like my own mother in this world – a woman capable of harming her own flesh and blood in the way she harmed me.”

At the age of seven, Annabelle was woken up at night to watch her mother, Jacqueline Marling perform a sex act on a man named Colin Batley, and was told “I will have you when your periods start.” Batley was the leader of their church and ‘ruled the cult with an iron will’, with his warped ideology based on Aleister Crowley’s Book of Law. He would control Annabelle and her mother’s lives, not letting them do things such as take photographs, or let their grandparents stay the night because it was ‘against the Church rules.’ He even told her that she could not look him directly in the eyes or she would go directly to the Abyss, where she would endure a lifetime of suffering.

If she forgot, she would be shouted at by him saying: “Can you see the devil in there? He can see you.” At the age of eleven, Batley raped her after she came in from playing on a bouncy castle with her friends, saying: “I told you I’d have you.” He manipulated and tricked her into thinking she had to go through a series of ‘tests’ in which she had to do as she was told.

Once he had finished with her, he’d say: “The Gods are pleased with you” or: “You passed this test.” He called himself ‘Prince Priest’, saying she was the chosen one. He told her of ‘The ways of the Scarlet woman’, who would be the wife of Prince Priest and bring glory of the stars into the hearts of man. Three years later, at the age of 14, she was forced to perform a sex act of Batley with her mother and forced to have sex with a boy the same age as her who had learning difficulties, which her mother filmed for Batley.

The events led her to attempting to take her own life, where she says: “Dying felt like the answer.” She took 24 paracetamol tablets and went to sleep, but it did not work. Batley told her that she lived because the Gods were protecting her. At 18 years of age, Annabelle fell pregnant with Batley’s child conceived through rape, which he denied was him and tried to make her abort.

Annabelle’s mother told her: “You want to try keeping your legs crossed a bit more.” However, Batley later changed his mind and told her she would be a murderer if she rejected a child from the Gods. After having her baby, Emily in February 2008, she was forced into prostitution in Bristol by Batley and her mother, and was told: “Your name up here is Camilla”, and had to text Batley after every person she’d ‘had’, and later being told she should become an ‘all-round whore where she should offer a wider range of services.

Annabelle managed to escape and managed to run to the police, where she revealed she had been forced to sleep with over 1,800 men. In March 2011, former Tesco security worker, Colin Batley of Kidwelly, was jailed indefinitely after a judge described him as dangerous and condemned his role as ‘ruler of a sick little kingdom’, with her mother, Jacqueline Marling being jailed in 2011 for a minimum of 12 years. Annabelle describes in detail what happened to her through her story, which proves how her strength and courage helped her to heal and find justice, and has said that if her book makes one person think or saves one person’s life, it has been worth it.

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North Pembs Schools update



FIVE of the six north Pembrokeshire Schools closed as a precautionary measure due to an outbreak of Covid-19 in the Cardigan Area will re-open fully tomorrow (Wednesday, November 25).

They are Ysgol Clydau, Ysgol Eglwyswrw Ysgol Llandudoch, Ysgol Y Frenni and Ysgol Y Preseli.

Pembrokeshire County Council is extremely grateful to everyone for their patience while this situation has been resolved.

Ysgol Cilgerran will be partially open on Wednesday, November 25 as two classes have been identified as contacts of positive cases.

Foundation Phase classes will reopen tomorrow.

The school will provide further detail on its website.

Pembrokeshire School transport will return to normal, including college transport routes which revert back to normal starting points.

However, affected Ceredigion Schools remain closed and the corresponding Pembrokeshire School Transport will remain suspended for these schools.

Crymych Leisure Centre is also to re-open on Wednesday.

Classes must continue to be booked in the usual way.


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Milford Haven: Footage of police pursuit released as dangerous driver is jailed



POLICE have released footage of a drug driver who drove through a stretch of roadworks on the wrong side of the road, putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Christopher John Brown led Dyfed-Powys Police officers on a pursuit through Milford Haven, endangering lives, hitting a parked car, and eventually trying to hide from officers.

The 31-year-old drive so dangerously that Pembrokeshire Roads Policing Unit officers were no longer able to follow him for fear that he could cause a serious collision.

Brown appeared at Swansea Crown Court onm Monday, November 23, where he was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

The incident unfolded on Friday, October 23 when an RPU officer attempted to stop Brown as he drove out of The Mount estate at speed.

He failed to stop, and proceeding to drive on the wrong side of the road to get away from officers.

Pembrokeshire RPU PC Richard Mycroft said: “This was an incredibly dangerous pursuit, which saw the defendant drive into the path of oncoming vehicles at a set of temporary traffic lights, and through a stop sign.

“An off duty officer was forced to take action to avoid being hit as Brown drove towards him, and we had no option but to stop following when he swerved into a coned area of roadworks where a number of people were working.”

It is footage of this action that Dyfed-Powys Police has released in a bid to show the danger Brown posed to members of the public that day.

The defendant went on to collide with a parked car, causing more than £900 of damage, before getting out of his car and laying on the ground in an attempt to hide from police.

PC Mycroft added: “A witness told officers her children had been playing outside, and fears if Brown had driven around the corner seconds before, he could have hit them.

“This manner of driving is completely reckless, totally unacceptable, and could have had a tragic outcome.

“The number of lives Brown put in danger through driving into oncoming traffic, through roadworks and into residential streets at speed is beyond comprehension.”

Brown was charged with dangerous driving, driving with no insurance, driving while disqualified, failing to stop when requested by police, and possession of cannabis.

His vehicle, which had no insurance, tax or mot, was also seized.

He was sentenced to 14 months in prison at Swansea Crown Court on Monday, November 23, and has been disqualified from driving for 43 months.

“We would like to thank members of the public for their assistance in tracing Brown on the day, when we made the decision to end the pursuit,” PC Mycroft said.

“Their help was invaluable.”

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North Pembrokeshire school closures explained



PEMBROKESHIRE’S education chief has explained the decision to keep six North Pembrokeshire schools closed today (Tuesday, 24th November).

The schools – which were also closed on Monday following the increased spread of coronavirus in South Ceredigion – are:

• Ysgol Preseli
• Ysgol y Frenni
• Ysgol Llandudoch
• Ysgol Eglwyswrw
• Ysgol Cilgerran
• Ysgol Clydau.

The Pembrokeshire schools are closed as a precaution as they share services – such as transport – with the Ceredigion schools.
Pembrokeshire County Council’s Director of Education, Steven Richards-Downes, said the decision to keep the schools closed was
based around a series of meetings yesterday involving the Authority, Ceredigion County Council and Public Health Wales.

He explained: “Due to the sheer volume of contact tracing work the Cardigan situation has resulted in – and the widespread nature of the cases now across the town – many contacts remain to be spoken to.

“The view of the Incident Management Team in Pembrokeshire was to keep the schools closed to allow the contact tracing teams time to get hold of everyone they needed to and then review the decision later today.

“Everyone can be assured that it is our intention to re-open the schools at the earliest opportunity once we are satisfied that there will be no individuals within school setting who should be self-isolating.

“There will be an announcement this afternoon about the status of the schools currently closed and teaching staff will be in touch with families to arrange blended and distant learning.

“Officers are working hard dealing with this situation and we do appreciate the inconvenience caused. However, our priority has always been tackling this pandemic and ensuring that we stop the spread of the virus.”

Mr Richards-Downes added that he was grateful to teaching staff, parents and pupils for their co-operation in what had been a challenging few days.

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