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Intoxicated male ‘learnt nothing’



lagerA 19-YEAR-OLD man from Milford Haven was fined a total of £180 after being charged with disorderly behaviour at Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (Nov 25). Callum Thomas Hicks of Castle Terrace on Steynton Road pleaded guilty to the charge. Prosecutor, Ellie Morgan said: “On November 2, officers were on duty just after 4pm at Milford Haven Police Station when they received calls regarding an incident at Marble Hall Road. Officers attended with a caged vehicle, and when they got out of their vehicle they could see a group of people outside the Premier shop.

Outside the shop was someone they recognised, which was the defendant. He was being restrained by his mother and was screaming and shouting. They are not sure what it was, but something had occurred before they arrived, which caused members of the public contact the police. Hicks was trying to get out of the restraint of his mother to get to someone. It was clear people had been fighting, as there was blood on some people present.

Hicks seemed to be intoxicated, but officers couldn’t tell whether it was through drink or drugs. He had to be taken to the floor and put up a struggle with officers. Police chose to use their spray due to the struggle, which took effect. He was incapacitated, cuffed and put into the vehicle. He was shouting and crying in the rear of the van and was not listening to what the officers were saying to him.” Defence solicitor, James Subbiani told the court: “Hicks pleads guilty at the earliest opportunity. He has very little recollection of the incident, but his girlfriend has said she and his mother were carrying him home. A crowd gathered regarding his state and he was shouting at the crowd, who found his behaviour somewhat humorous. He was very much worse for wear and all he remembers is waking up hours later in a police cell.” Mr Subbiani continued: “It was just his mother and his girlfriend trying to get him home.”

Hicks told the court that he had taken Valium and drank alcohol that day, and said he did not know why he took it. The chair of the bench said: “Here we are, six months after you were in the Crown Court, you’re offending again. You clearly haven’t learnt your lesson.” Hicks was told that his behaviour was unacceptable and that he should ‘not take drugs, and should certainly not take them with alcohol’. Hicks’ fine included £85 costs and £20 victim surcharge.

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Lola murder trial: “WTF has he been doing to my baby”



THIS was the question Sinead James, 30, asked officers when shown images of Lola’s injuries during an interview.

Transcripts from James’ police interviews were read out to Swansea Crown Court this afternoon, Thursday, March 23.

In the interviews, James had been probed by officers about her relationship with Kyle Bevan, 31, who is accused of murdering James’ two-year-old daughter Lola by inflicting catastrophic head injuries on July 17, 2020.

James confirmed that it was a relatively new relationship which started in February 2020.

The relationship progressed quickly and Bevan ended up moving into James’ home with her three children when the country went into lockdown in March of that year.

In early interviews, which were dated July 18, 2020, James claims Bevan was amazing with her children, always buying them things and would often sit colouring and playing with them.

She said: “he’s amazing with the kids, sits and paints with them, will do anything they ask him to do. 

“I don’t think for one second he would hurt any of my children.”

She describes the couple as having a good relationship with hardly any arguments.

But in later interviews she admitted that things were not as rosy as the picture she first painted.

James described a few instances where Bevan had got angry; especially when he had drunk alcohol and taken a street version of the drug xanax.

She described a few instances where Bevan had headbutted door frames, smashed light switches with a hammer and punched the sofa. Although James insisted this was at a time when the children would be at their grandmother’s house.

When probed as to why she didn’t ask him to leave, James replied: “When he loses his temper it’s horrible, I don’t like it, I don’t like it when he’s taking alcohol and xanax he kicks off. 

“Kids not there then, if they are i would remove them.”

James was shown a video of Lola that was recovered from Bevan’s phone, where she was laying limp, with obvious swelling and bruising to her forehead and lips and Bevan had picked her up and tried to get her to stand, but Lola hit the floor with a thud.

James gasped followed by “He’s not even holding her properly, I can’t watch it.

“I feel like I want to punch him in the face, he’s not even holding my baby properly he’s probably caused more damage to her.

“Why would he do that to a baby, she’s two-years-old, why would he do that. Never seen him handle children like that. That’s sickening.

“If he can do that what has actually happened to my baby.”

James was shown further footage of Lola’s injuries, including photos of her bruising on her body.

She replied: “What the f**k has he been doing to my baby.”

“Look at the marks on her, no way are they all caused from falling down the stairs.

“Please, you’ve got to charge him for what he’s done to her.”

James is charged with allowing or causing the death of a child by not protecting Lola from Bevan.

The trial continues tomorrow.

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Huge boost for Pembrokeshire as Celtic Freeport set to create 16,000 jobs



THE CELTIC FREEPORT in Milford Haven and Port Talbot and Anglesey Freeport on Ynys Mon have been chosen as Wales’ first freeports, helping to create tens of thousands of new jobs in the green industries of the future, the Welsh and UK Governments announced today.

In May 2022, the Welsh Government reached an agreement with the UK Government to establish a freeport programme in Wales.

Following a bidding process, the Welsh and UK Governments have jointly agreed to create two freeports in Wales, which are expected to be operational later this year.

The winning bids are:

  • The Celtic Freeport in Milford Haven and Port Talbot. The freeport will be based around the port of Port Talbot in Neath Port Talbot, and the port of Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire. The plans focus on low carbon technologies, such as floating offshore wind (FLOW), hydrogen, carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) and biofuels to support the accelerated reduction of carbon emissions. The freeport aims to attract significant inward investment, including £3.5bn in the hydrogen industry as well as the creation of 16,000 jobs, generating £900m in Gross Value Added (GVA) by 2030, and £13bn by 2050.
  • The Anglesey Freeport, Ynys Mon. The freeport will be based around the port of Holyhead, Anglesey Prosperity Zone, Rhosgoch and M-Sparc. The freeport will develop the Energy Island Programme (EIP) by focusing on marine energy technology testing on the seabed (tidal and wind). The freeport aims to create between 3,500 and 13,000 jobs by 2030, with an increased GVA of approximately £500m. It also anticipates significant inward investment, including the possibility of £1.4bn in the green energy sector.

The freeports will form special zones with the benefits of simplified customs procedures, relief on customs duties, tax benefits, and development flexibility. Welsh freeports will promote fair work opportunities and prioritise environmental sustainability and the climate emergency.

They are designed to promote regeneration and high-quality job creation, become a national hub for global trade and investment across the economy, and foster an innovative environment. The successful bids are focused on boosting the distinct strengths the sites boast, exploiting opportunities from offshore wind and marine energy to advanced manufacturing and innovation.

The two freeports aim to collectively create around 20,000 jobs by 2030 and attract up to £4.9bn in public and private investments.

Announcing the winning bids, First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford said: “I am pleased to confirm the Celtic Freeport in Milford Haven and Port Talbot and Anglesey Freeport have been selected as Wales’ new freeports.

“The Welsh Government has a clear economic mission to transform the Welsh economy, creating a stronger, fairer and greener future. The designation of these sites as Wales’ first freeports will reinforce that mission, building on the significant investments and partnerships we have made in these regions over many years.

“The joint working between governments on the freeport programme should serve as a blueprint for future intergovernmental work on a whole range of issues.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “Wales is a thriving part of the UK, and today’s new Freeports will see businesses and opportunities for people in and around Anglesey, Port Talbot and Milford Haven go from strength to strength.

“Everyone deserves equality of opportunity and working closely with the Welsh Government has helped to deliver these fantastic new sites.

“Today’s Freeports show the hard work being done day in, day out to bring new, high-skilled jobs to communities across Wales nd deliver on my promise to grow the economy.”

Commenting on the selection of Celtic Freeport, Roger Maggs MBE, Chair of the Celtic Freeport bid consortium, said: “We hope that Wales’ two freeports will deliver for the country. The future is exciting. The Celtic Freeport has catalysed major business interest, local communities, trade unions and academia in using Wales’ largest industrial base as the launchpad for developing new technologies and the renewable energy manufacturing opportunities of tomorrow. This has the potential to unlock £5.5 billion of private and public investment for Wales and create new training and innovation facilities, factories and expanded green energy ports, as well as new alternative fuel production complexes. 
“Our green investment and innovation corridor will support the creation of 16,000 green jobs, which will not just be good news for Milford Haven, Pembroke Dock and Neath Port Talbot, but also Bridgend, Carmarthen, Swansea, The Valleys and many other communities across Wales.” 

Port Talbot

The Celtic Freeport consortium comprises Associated British Ports (ABP), Neath Port Talbot Council, Pembrokeshire County Council and the Port of Milford Haven.  The bid’s strategically located tax and customs sites span almost 250 hectares in Pembrokeshire and Neath Port Talbot. 
Cllr David Simpson, Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council, said: “Today’s announcement that the Celtic Freeport Bid has been successful is fantastic news for Pembrokeshire, Wales and Great Britain. 

“The Celtic Freeport will unleash the full green industrial potential of Wales, accelerating the decarbonisation of our most carbon intensive industries and bringing new opportunities to our communities, major international investment and thousands of high skilled jobs to the region.” 
Will Bramble CBE, Chief Executive of Pembrokeshire County Council, added: “The Celtic Freeport will produce significant investment in the region, particularly the focused areas of upskilling our workforce and ultimately creating job opportunities here in south west Wales.  Fundamentally this will now put us at the leading edge of the green industrial revolution.”  
Cllr Steve Hunt, Leader of Neath Port Talbot Council, said: “Today’s announcement is an absolute game changer for Neath Port Talbot and for Wales.  It will transform the fortunes of people in all our communities. It puts us at the forefront of the world’s green energy revolution and our residents will soon be working in the industry of the future, learning the skills for securing green, well paid jobs. 
Karen Jones, Chief Executive of Neath Port Talbot Council, said: “This great news is the first step towards a much brighter future here in our county borough.  I look forward to working with our partners to make sure local people and businesses have the best possible benefit from what’s now in front of us.” 
Tom Sawyer, Chief Executive of the Port of Milford Haven, said: “As the UK’s Energy Port, the Port of Milford Haven welcomes this fantastic news which allows us to build on the significant multi-million pound investment we’ve already made in the renewables sector at Pembroke Port.  But what really excites us about this announcement today is the positive impact it’s going to have on our coastal communities. Securing the jobs of today and creating fantastic opportunities for future generations.” 
Andrew Harston, Regional Director, Associated British Ports, said: “Associated British Ports is absolutely delighted that our Celtic Freeport bid has been successful. Floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Wales, and the scale needed is immense.  

“ABP stands ready to invest £500 million in our port at Port Talbot to ensure first mover advantage to capture this global market. We want our ports to act as a base for FLOW manufacturing, maintenance and operations. And it’s not just about FLOW, it’s about sustainable fuels and hydrogen too.” 

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Lola murder trial: “I didn’t beat her up to that extent”



IN police statements read to Swansea Crown Court today, Wednesday, March 22, murder accused Kyle Bevan stated “I didn’t beat her up to that extent”.

A number of interviews were read to the court today, in which Bevan had described his version of events which lead to two-year-old Lola’s fatal injuries.

In one of the interviews, a list of injuries Lola sustained were explained to murder accused Bevan, which included extensive severe head trauma, cerebral haemorrhage, ischemia and multiple areas of severe bruising to her body. 

Bevan was told that an Ophthalmologist said Lola has suffered haemorrhages to her eyes. 

The defendant replied: “that’s only one doctor’s opinion, another may say something else”.

Images were then shown to Bevan of Lola’s injuries.

Bevan replied: “I didn’t beat her up to that extent”.

At 4.26am on the morning of July 17, 2020, Bevan took a photograph of Lola on his mobile phone, which showed her standing up and conscious, but with red marks on her back area. 

It is not believed Lola had sustained the head injury at this point.

At 6.33am Bevan typed the following into an internet search bar: “My 2 year old child has just taken a bang to the head and gone all limp and snoring, what’s wrong?.”

This was followed up by a screenshot from a medical website which showed symptoms of a serious head injury and where it clearly states that emergency care must be sought immediately.

An ambulance was not called until 7.28am.

In a statement read to the court from January 18, 2021, some doubt was placed over what time the tot received the extensive injuries.

Detectives were asking the defendant why had he not attempted to get any help for almost an hour, probing why had he not gone to a neighbour or woke up Lola’s mother, co-accused Sinead James.

Bevan replied: “At 5 o’clock in the morning? Tracey would’ve punched my face in.”

The interview was paused for legal representation before Bevan clarified stating: “I didn’t mean it at like 5 o’clock, it was just early.”

The trial continues tomorrow at 10am.

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Lola murder trial: “WTF has he been doing to my baby”

THIS was the question Sinead James, 30, asked officers when shown images of Lola’s injuries during an interview. Transcripts from...

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THE CELTIC FREEPORT in Milford Haven and Port Talbot and Anglesey Freeport on Ynys Mon have been chosen as Wales’...

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Lola murder trial: “I didn’t beat her up to that extent”

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