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Monitoring firm warns of dangers of mobile masts



monitorA MILFORD HAVEN man has contacted The Pembrokeshire Herald with concerns over the safety of mobile phone masts located in the area. 

Rodney Maile, aged 78, who runs TETRA Monitoring Services Ltd, says that special electronic equipment that he has purchased from a specialist supplier is showing dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation being emitted from transmitters in Manchester Square, Milford Haven, The Torch Theatre, Milford Haven and from Milford Haven fire station. He is also claiming that EMR from the mobile phone transmitters near Sir Thomas Picton School in Haverfordwest are at dangerously high levels. Using an acousteimeter, built by EM Fields in Cambridge, Mr Maile says that he was able to record levels of radiation as high as 2.8vm2 and above. The current safe level according to European law is 0.6vm2 – however according to regulations, no level of radiation is acceptable in the grounds of schools or hospitals. Mr Maile told The Herald: “There are grave dangers for patients at the medical centre at Manchester Square there should not be any electromagnetic radiation near medical facilities.” Mr Maile has sent a letter to the Welsh Assembly Government. Environment and Health Policy Manager, Shane Williams: “While it is not possible to say with absolute certainty that there are no health risks associated with the use of mobile phone telecommunications equipment, including TETRA handsets and associated base stations, the evidence to date has not shown a link between this technology and ill-health.” Amanda Ryan, Governor’s Support Services, Pembrokeshire County Council contacted Mr Maile last year after he wrote a letter to Sir Thomas Picton School in Haverfordwest warning of the dangers to students. Ms Ryan said: “Government advice is that all operators of mobile phone masts should comply with international guidelines for public exposure to electromagnetic fields. The Governmentís policy on phone masts in particular is guided by the World Health Organisation. “A great deal of research has been, and continues to be undertaken. The weight of international evidence reviewed by these expert organisations indicates that there is no evidence of a direct link of harm from proximity to phone masts and to those operating TERTA systems.” Ms Ryan’s letter went on to say: “In 2000 the UK Government commissioned the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (IEGMP) chared by Prof. Sir Wiliams Steward, to conduct a review of the possible health effects from the use of mobile phones, base stations and transmitters. It concluded that: “The balance of evidence indicates that there is no general risk to the health of people living near to base stations on the basis that exposures are expected to be small fractions of international guidelines.” Mr Maile told The Herald: “The EMR given out by the transmitters in the local area are much larger than international guidelines. I believe that the information given to me by Pembrokeshire County Council and The Welsh Government is wrong.” “A guideline is only an opinion”, he added.

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Conservatives hold on to Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire seat



THE CONSERVATIVES have held on to their Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire seat despite Labour closing the gap.

Sam Kurtz will take over the seat from the outgoing Angela Burns who held a majority of 3,400 at the last election.

This time, the gap was just 936 to Labour’s Hassan Riaz who picked up 10,304 votes.

Plaid Cymru’s Cefin Campbell picked up 6,615 votes.

The turnout in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire was slightly up to 52.12% from 51.2% in 2016.

However, with a larger electorate thanks to votes for 16/17-year-olds, the number of votes cast went up by almost 3,000.

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Paul Davies re-elected as Conservatives hold Preseli Pembrokeshire



PAUL DAVIES has been re-elected to represent the Preseli Pembrokeshire constituency.

He won with 12,295 votes, while there were 10,895 votes for Labour’s Jackie Jones.

Plaid Cymru candidate Cris Tomos gained just over 6,000 votes and there were also 1,239 for Reform UK candidate Alan Dennison.

There were over 3000 more votes cast in 2016, down largely in part to the fact that 16 and 17 year olds were able to vote in this election.

Both the Conservatives and Labour received more votes than before while the gap to Labour closed to just 1,400.

After being elected, Paul Davies said he would continue to ‘fight for Pembrokeshire’ and thanked those who had been involved in his campaign.

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Former Cardigan Castle director sentencing delayed



THE SENTENCING of a former director of Cardigan Castle who has pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and theft totalling over £40,000 has been delayed.

Former director, Jac Davies, pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and theft was due to be sentenced on Wednesday (May 4) at Swansea Crown Court – but has now been delayed.

Davies who held the £40,000 a year post fraudulently obtained £33,098.75 and stole a further £7,932.97 from the award winning restoration project..

Davies held his position at Cardigan Castle from September 2017 to November 2019.

The defendant has pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining £4,143.20 from the castle on December 21, 2017.

Again Davies admitted to fraudulently obtaining £28,955.55 between February 4, 2019 and November 3, 2019.

Two further charges of theft were also admitted – one charge of  theft from the castle of £1,908.18 between May 2, 2018 and May 24, 2019 and a further charge of theft from Cardigan Castle Enterprises to the sum of £6,024.79.

Dyfed-Powys Police conducted a year long investigation after being contacted by the castle board of directors.

Financial discrepancies were identified during financial monitoring.

An internal investigation was launched and Davies left his position within the castle in October 2019 following a disciplinary process.

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