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Sodexo gives young people valuable experience



sodexoSEVEN young people from Pembrokeshire received a nationally-recognised qualification on July 18 as part of a new local initiative to improve employability. Sodexo, the world largest services company, partnered with the Pembrokeshire Youth department at Pembrokeshire County Council and 14 Signal Regiment at Cawdor Barracks, Brawdy, to offer ‘Delivering the difference for a better tomorrow’. Young people aged 16 to 21 who are not in education, employment or training took the three-week course at Cawdor Barracks, where Sodexo provides a range of facilities management services to the Ministry of Defence. Job interview skills and CV writing were taught on the programme, before participants undertook two weeks of work experience in various roles at the barracks with Sodexo, including catering, hospitality, retail and leisure. Successful participants were awarded accreditation from Agored Cymru in Skills Development. Karen Roulston, operations support manager at Sodexo Defence, said: “The programme is an excellent initiative that reflects Sodexo’s commitment to improving quality of life in the communities in which we operate. Sodexo provides a wide range of services to the Ministry of Defence, which puts us in an excellent position to offer valuable experience in a number of sectors, while supporting young people with mentoring and training. “We have received tremendous support from the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Purves, and the Quartermaster Major Burdge in allowing this programme to be hosted at Cawdor Barracks.” Heidi Holland, Targeted Youth Work co-ordinator for Pembrokeshire County Council, said: “This innovative programme presents a unique opportunity to sample several areas of employment whilst developing skills, knowledge and confidence for young people in Pembrokeshire. To be able to work in collaboration with Sodexo and 14 Signal Regiment on-site at Cawdor Barracks to deliver this programme will ensure that the experience is realistic for young people and will encourage them to be aware and take advantage of the opportunities in Pembrokeshire with support from youth workers.” Councillor Sue Perkins, Pembrokeshire County Council cabinet member for Education and Safeguarding, said: “We are very heartened by the success of this initiative, and understand that as a result of it, three of the young people have already been offered employment which is fantastic news. “Youth workers at Pembrokeshire County Council have supported the young people through the application process and the programme, and they will continue to support them and access opportunities for the remainder of the group. “It is hoped that another similar programme will take place next year on a bigger scale.”

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Council and Egni Co-op work together to tackle climate change



PEMBOKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL has awarded a contract for the installation of rooftop solar panels on 20 local schools and leisure centres to Welsh social enterprise, Egni Co-op.

It’s estimated that the solar panels will prevent the emission of approximately 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and should save the schools and leisure centres £180,000 per year in energy costs.

The systems should have an operational life of well over 30 years, and the contract aims to install over 1MW of solar PV on the schools and leisure centres over the next 18 months.

Steve Keating, the Council’s Energy and Sustainability Team Manager, said the scheme is an example of thinking differently.

“By securing outside capital investment from a social enterprise this solar power project offers the Council all the carbon savings along with major savings on operational expenditure for zero capital cost to the Council,” he said.

“The procurement model also ensures that local schools will receive excellent educational support on renewable energy and climate change topics.

“At the same time the scheme supports the ambitions of a community energy cooperative thus allowing a social enterprise to roll out further renewable energy projects in other locations and retaining as much of the supply chain benefit as possible within Wales.”

A key part of the tender is a linked educational programme to engage schools in Pembrokeshire, alongside Sustainable Schools Pembrokeshire, to help tackle climate change. Egni’s Education Programme is called ‘We are Energy Warriors’ and has been developed by their Education Officer, Jen James.

A video featuring activities undertaken by the six existing primary schools with Egni solar panels in Pembrokeshire can be seen at Energy Rappers video on YouTube.

Egni already works in partnership with the Energy Sparks charity who have developed an excellent energy data platform to support schools in reducing their carbon footprint and save money.

The average Energy Sparks primary has saved at least £3,000 off their energy bill over the last year and 12.8 tonnes of CO2, the average secondary has saved at least £12,000 and 48 tonnes of CO2.

At present, Egni and its principal contractor Ice Solar are undertaking further feasibility checks on all the sites and working with National Grid before agreeing final installs with the Council. As sites are installed, they will be publicised via Pembrokeshire County Council and Egni’s media channels.

Dan McCallum, Awel Aman Tawe and Egni Co-op Director said: “We are delighted to be working with the Council and with children and teachers in Pembrokeshire schools.

“We all need to work together to tackle climate change – as a cooperative that is ingrained in our model.

“We’ve also been supported by the Welsh Government Energy Service which has been crucial to our development.

“We’d like to thank Pembrokeshire for their innovative approach in terms of procurement – this is one of the first examples we believe of a Council in Wales awarding a large contract to a social enterprise like us.

“We are now focused on providing clean power and saving as much money as possible for schools and leisure centres in Pembrokeshire. Going forward, we want this co-operative approach to be seen as a case study in how to best tackle climate change.”

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Unveiling Caitlin Flood-Molyneux: Master of paint and mixed media



CAITLIN FLOOD-MOLYNEUX, a visionary contemporary Welsh artist and former Pembrokeshire College student, has emerged as a beacon of artistic expression with her unique fusion of paint and mixed media collage. Her distinctive artistic journey has led her through various educational and creative landscapes, culminating in a body of work that navigates the intricacies of emotion, memory, and hardship through the lens of pop culture imagery.

Caitlin’s artistic flare began at Pembrokeshire College, where she embarked on the Graphic Design Diploma before challenging herself further with the Foundation Diploma where she discovered the potential of her own practice before setting her sights on a deeper exploration of Art and Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University. It was during her university years that her horizons expanded exponentially, as she spent a year in Norway as part of her coursework.

Central to Caitlin’s artistic practice is her exploration of the connection between pop culture imagery and the intricate tapestry of human emotion and memory. Drawing inspiration from the revolutionary styles of DADA and early Pop Art, Caitlin found imagery with abstract painterly forms, crafting a distinctive visual language that captures the essence of her narrative. Historical imagery, an integral element of her work, serves as a vessel for the memories she aims to convey. Her artistic expression strikes a harmonious balance between deeply personal experiences and universal themes, inviting viewers to embark on a personal voyage of connection and reflection.

Caitlin Flood-Molyneux’s exceptional talent has developed to international recognition. Her work has graced platforms such as a gallery in New York and the distinguished Saatchi Art Fair and Christie’s Auction House in London, where her pieces were showcased alongside renowned figures like Banksy and Andy Warhol. Caitlin’s collaboration with artist Lynette Reed during her residency in Italy stands as a testament to her collaborative spirit.

One of the most significant intersections of her journey was her meeting with Lynette Reed at a London art show. This connection sowed the seeds of creativity and collaboration, and they are now working on a show together.

Reflecting on her artistic evolution, Caitlin fondly recalls her time at College as the turning point in her artistic passion. “My best years were spent at College as that’s where I found my love for art and pursuing a dream career. College felt like a family, and the lecturers were so supportive, I could not recommend them enough.” she shares.

Cath Brooks, Curriculum Area Manager at Pembrokeshire College said: “Caitlin is a beautiful, generous, creative soul, we are very proud to observe and celebrate her phenomenal artistic achievements so far. Caitlin always possessed a determination and persistence to explore, investigate and inform herself through creative practice. Caitlin honed a very open attitude to grab opportunity and establish a strong positive work ethic, a true role model for anyone.”

Caitlin Flood-Molyneux’s artistic voyage continues to captivate and inspire, inviting audiences to explore the intersection of art, emotion, and memory. As her work resonates with both personal and universal narratives, she cements her place as a luminary in the contemporary art world.

For more information, about the creative courses offered at Pembrokeshire College please visit:

Follow Caitlin Flood-Molyneux’s artistic journey @floodmolyneuxart

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People encouraged to help shape the future of educational resources in Wales



PEOPLE from across Wales are being urged to have their say and help shape the commissioning of the nation’s educational resources.

Earlier this year the Welsh Government established Adnodd, a new body to co-ordinate and oversee the provision and commissioning of bilingual education resources to support the Curriculum for Wales and its qualifications.

Adnodd’s vision is for learners and practitioners to have access to relevant, high quality and innovative resources, in Welsh and English, which enrich learning and teaching and help every learner succeed.

Historically, education resources have been available from a vast array of organisations and companies, but up until now this provision has not been co-ordinated. There has also been no fairness in the provision and availability of both Welsh and English with difficultly to ensure the quality of these resources.

As part of establishing its commissioning process Adnodd is calling on a wide range of people from practitioners and learners, through to parents, carers and those working in the industry to share their thoughts and help shape the future work of the body through completing a short online survey.

Speaking of the importance of people engaging with the survey, Interim Chair of Adnodd, Owain Gethin Davies said, “We are currently gathering the views of those with an interest in our work through online surveys.

“Whether you are a practitioner in Wales, a parent or carer, a creative content company or an organisation that produces educational resources, we value your thoughts and now is your chance to have your say and influence our future work and help improve our children’s education.”

Parents, carers and learners who complete the online surveys will be entered into a prize draw for a £100 book token, redeemable at a range of retailers and independent bookshops across Wales. Meanwhile, teaching practitioners will also be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 book token for use in connection with their teaching work.

A link to the online surveys can be found here:


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