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Haverfordwest’s mayor reported to the DVLA by deputy over driving safety fears



HAVERFORDWEST’S mayor, who said he had received anonymous warning letters, was reported to the DVLA by his own deputy mayor over concerns for his ability to drive safely, the town council heard.

The concerns about mayor Alan Buckfield’s fitness to drive came about indirectly from an alleged incident during a visit to Haverfordwest’s twin town of Oberkirch, Germany.

At the March 23 meeting of Haverfordwest Town Council, Mayor Alan Buckfield said: “Last November I decided to leave the town council; I was planning to leave in May but now there’s unfinished business

He told members he would discuss the matter further in private, not alluding to it in detail.

Cllr Buckfield was then prompted by the clerk to mention an anonymous letter he had received.

“We don’t normally respond to anonymous things, an anonymous letter to ‘watch my back’,” said Cllr Buckfield.

“It’s happened once before; you get disaffected people saying: ‘we don’t like the town council’.

“I received this information through my door, that’s all there is to it.”

When asked if he passed the letter on to the police, Cllr Buckfield said: “I treated it with the contempt it deserves, it just said: ‘Be very, very careful, there are nasty people out there’.”

Cllr Buckfield was then asked by a member of the council if he had recently been anonymously reported to the DVLA.

Deputy Mayor Jill Owens responded to that, saying: “I said I’d reported the mayor to the DVLA due to comments made which gave us grave concerns about his safety to drive a vehicle.”

That concern stemmed from an alleged incident – not believed to have involved driving – when Cllr Buckfield visited Haverfordwest’s German twin town of Oberkirch last September, as president of the town’s twinning association.

It has previously been reported that the town’s twinning association had initially wanted to remove Cllr Buckfield as president – a role traditionally held by the town’s mayoral office.

Last October’s minutes of Haverfordwest’s twinning association, under the title ‘mayoral invitation from Oberkirch: September 2022’, said: “Owing to previous actions by the mayor, Cllr. Alan Buckfield, the association wishes to remove him as president of the Haverfordwest Twinning Association.”

The association later had a change of heart, cancelling an extraordinary meeting that was due to be held on November 7 and the motion to remove Cllr Buckfield as president.

At the March 23 meeting, Cllr Buckfield responded to Cllr Owens: “That’s personal and private, I see no need to bring it to the council’s attention.”

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Owens said she had raised the concerns about Cllr Buckfield’s fitness to drive as a result of responses received following the alleged incident in Germany.

Cllr Buckfield, 76, also speaking after the meeting, declined to comment on the DVLA issue, but said he refuted the allegations about any ‘incident’ in Oberkirch, saying he had since been back to the twin town on March 1 for the inauguration of its Burgermeister.


Concerns in Camrose as person with drone spotted ‘spying on properties’



CAMROSE COMMUNITY CENTRE posted a warning to residents on Sunday afternoon (Jun 4), after a person with a drone was spotted acting suspiciously.

The post on the Community Centre’s Facebook page said that a man with a large black van was spotted in the area using the drone to look into houses and gardens.

The Herald has asked the police for a comment


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Charles Street closed off as cladding falls off commercial building



FIRE FIGHTERS and police responded late on Sunday morning (Jun 4) to an incident involving cladding falling off the the top of the second floor of a commercial building.

Traffic was diverted away from the affected area whilst emergency services made sure the structure was safe.

A ladder tender from Haverfordwest Fire Station was called upon to assist in the incident.

Initial reports stated that no person was injured by the falling debris.

One passer by said “It is lucky this happened on a Sunday when most of the shops were closed, the outcome could have been rather different if this happened on a week day.”

The police confirmed the incident happened at West Wales Properties building, 89A Charles Street, Milford Haven.

(Photos: Tracy Hobbs Stinton/Facebook and David Lee/Herald Photographer)

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Galactic Triumph! Heritage Centre transforms for epic Falcon Fun Day



THE TOWERING figure of Chewbacca made a grand first time entry to Pembrokeshire on Bank Holiday Monday, starring in the second Falcon Fun Day at Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre.

The famous Star Wars character joined other re-enactors, including Darth Vader, Stormtroopers and Luke Skywalker, posing for countless photographs with the many hundreds of visitors who flocked to the centre in bright sunshine.

Starring inside the centre was R2-D2, the legendary droid from the Star Wars films. Re-enactors, from the 501st UK Garrison costuming group, travelled from across Wales and as far away as Milton Keynes to join in an event which is already becoming a firm favourite for Star Wars fans of all ages from a very wide area.
The Heritage Centre features a permanent exhibition telling the story of how the ‘Millennium Falcon’ spaceship was built in secret in a former RAF hangar in the 1970s for the Star Wars film ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

Mark Williams, leader of the Falcon project, said: “The lightsaber training proved very popular all day and the virtual reality experience was a huge success. We are grateful to all the visitors for their support and patience as there were, at times, long queues. We shall be back again next year.”

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