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Record nominations received for Sport Pembrokeshire Awards



A RECORD number of nominations have been received for the 2023 Sport Pembrokeshire Awards.

A total of 296 nominations have been received in 13 categories for individuals and teams involved in a variety of different sports.

The three finalists in each category will be announced in the Western Telegraph on 15th November.

The overall winners will be unveiled at a gala ceremony at Folly Farm on 24th November, organised by Sport Pembrokeshire.

The awards are sponsored by Valero, the Western Telegraph, Folly Farm, and Pure West Radio.

Cllr Rhys Sinnett, Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services, said: “It’s fantastic that we have received a record number of nominations for the Sport Pembrokeshire Awards.

“It shows that sports and the Sports Awards are going from strength to strength in our County and people want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of our local sportspeople, coaches and volunteers.”

The nominations are as follows:

(some individuals/teams received more than one nomination)

Girls U16’s

  1. Sophie Howell (Swimming)
  2. Jemma Nand-Lal (Golf)
  3. Elisa Tyrell (Gymnastics)
  4. Nina Marsh (Sailing)
  5. Katie David (Surfing)
  6. Chanel Griffiths (Dance)
  7. Catrin Owens (Windsurfing)
  8. Ava Davies (Gymnastics)
  9. Maggi Clewitt (Gymnastics)
  10. Matti Davies (Horse Riding)
  11. Bronwyn Clissold (Swimming)
  12. Imi Scourfield (Dance)
  13. Grace Morris (Weightlifting)
  14. Chloe John-Driscoll (Shooting)
  15. Josie Hawke (Surfing)

Boys U16’s

  1. Kyle Gammer (Parkour)
  2. Kieran George (Swimming)
  3. Reuben Lerwill (Gymnastics)
  4. Jayden Crawford (Football)
  5. Finn Macare (Hockey)
  6. Ramon Siso (Football)
  7. Finley Bruce (Running)
  8. Macs Adams (Football)
  9. Tomos Nicholas (Rugby, Football, Cricket)
  10. Carter Heywood (Football)
  11. Ned Rees-Wigmore (Hockey)
  12. Sean Bolger (Boxing)

Club of the Year

  1. Windswept Watersports
  2. Haverfordweat Badminton Club
  3. South Pembs Sharks Under 14’s
  4. Pembrokeshire Vikings
  5. Pembrokeshire Parkour Club
  6. FF Dancers
  7. Crossfit Pembrokeshire
  8. Haverfordwest Gymnastics Club
  9. Vibe School of Dance
  10. Milford Waterfront Parkrun
  11. Pembrokeshire Tri Club
  12. Broad Haven Buccaneers Surf Lifesaving Club
  13. Neyland Yacht Club
  14. Haverfordwest Gymnastics Club
  15. Blue Horizons Surf Club
  16. Neyland Cricket Club
  17. Pembroke Cricket Club
  18. Haverfordwest Tennis Cub
  19. Tenby Dolphins Swimming Club
  20. Tavernspite Short Mat Bowls Club
  21. Fishguard Thunderbolts
  22. Hook Cricket Club

Junior Disability Award

  1. Lewis Crawford (Boccia)
  2. Ella Meacham (Paddle Ability)
  3. Saskia Webb (Swimming)
  4. Ioan Williams (Boccia)

Young Volunteer of the Year

  1. Ellie Phillips (Swimming)
  2. Leon Jarvis (Football)
  3. YHT Ambassadors
  4. Keira Edwards (Sailing)
  5. Carys Ribbon (HHVCS)
  6. Lukas Tyrrell (Sailing)
  7. Shannon Macarney (Disability Sport)
  8. Elizabeth Clissold (Swimming)

Junior Team

  1. South Pembs Sharks Under 14’s (Rugby)
  2. Pembs Schools County Football U14’s
  3. Johnston Tigers u8’s mini football
  4. Tenby Primary School Football Team
  5. Kilgetty Cricket Club u13’s & u15’s
  6. Haverfordwest Cricket Club U11’s
  7. Fishagurd Netball Club Under 12’s
  8. Ysgol Penrhyn Dewi Tennis Team
  9. Neyland Pink Pirates U13’s

Unsung Hero

  1. Andrew Richards (Rowing)
  2. Ross Hardy (Cricket)
  3. Jon Phillips (Parkrun Milford)
  4. Luke Howell (Sailing)
  5. Teresa James (Football)
  6. Kyle Davies (Cricket, Football, Rugby)
  7. Dave Astins (Triathlon)
  8. Sean Hannon (Cricket)
  9. Emyr Hughes (Ysgol Bro Gwaun)
  10. Richard Arthur (Cricket)
  11. Craig, Max, Toby &Tipper (Rugby)
  12. Sam Rossiter (Cricket)
  13. Piers Beckett (Sailing)
  14. Dave Petrie (Cricket)
  15. Karen Lewis (Parkrun)

Senior Team

  1. Hook Black Diamonds T20 Cricket team
  2. East Williamston Short Mat Bowls Club
  3. Llangwm RFC Youth
  4. Fishguard Thunderbolts
  5. Milford Haven Ladies Hockey Club
  6. Haverfordwest County AFC
  7. Haverfordwest Ladies Rugby Team
  8. Cresselly Ladies Cricket Team
  9. Jonathan Gladstone & Andrew Hudson (Short Mat Bowls)

Male Achievement

  1. Bleddyn Gibbs (Weightlifting)
  2. Simon Richards (Cricket)
  3. Jack Paul Newman (Parkour)
  4. Liam Ashley Davies (Parkour)
  5. Jeremy Cross (Tennis)
  6. Ceri Stone (Cycling)
  7. Moritz Neumann (Crossfit)
  8. Jonathan Gladstone (Short Mat Bowls)
  9. Rhys Llewellyn (Athletics)
  10. Mickey Beckett (Sailing)

Female Achievement

  1. Sophie Butland (Dance)
  2. Sanna Duthie (Running)
  3. Nel Allen (Golf)
  4. Imogen Scourfield (Football & Dance)
  5. Gracie Griffiths (Race Walking)
  6. Makala Jones (Swimming)
  7. Seren Thorne (Target Shooting)
  8. Ava Midgeley (Cricket)
  9. Kate Dickinson (Bowls)

Disability Sport Award

  1. Bleddyn Gibbs (Weightlifting)
  2. Jack Surtees (Football)
  3. Jules King (Crossfit)
  4. Nia Morgan (Paddle Ability)
  5. Michael Jenkins (Discus)

Club Organiser

  1. Rachel Grieve (Rugby)
  2. Llangwm RFC Youth
  3. Jon & Debbie Phllips (Parkrun Milford)
  4. Kelly Griffiths (Athletics)
  5. Jen Harries (Athletics)
  6. Brian Millard (Disability Sport)
  7. Nadine Tyrell (Gymnastics)
  8. Huw Jones (Golf)
  9. Daisy Griffiths (Gymnastics)
  10. Stefan Jenkins (Cricket)
  11. Jack Kinnersley (Rugby)
  12. Fraser Watson (Cricket)
  13. Jamie Phelps (Cricket)

Coach of the Year

  1. Chris McEwen (Boxing)
  2. Georgia Picton (Dance)
  3. Sam Feeneck (Crossfit)
  4. Joseph Lewis (Football)
  5. Simon Thomas (Football)
  6. Hannah Davey (Dance)
  7. Jamie Barrellie (Rugby)
  8. Mike Jarvis (Football)
  9. Lewis Davies
  10. Joel Codd (Football)
  11. Tyler James (Parkour)
  12. Michael Newman (Parkour)
  13. Brad (Football)
  14. Colin Williams (Cricket)
  15. Luke Hayward (Football)
  16. Andrew Barcoe (Football)
  17. Wayne Griffiths (Atheltics)
  18. Nathan Greene
  19. Barry Parsons & Gareth Scourfield (Rugby)
  20. Simon Roach (Weightlifting)
  21. Angiolina Martib (Rugby)
  22. Phil Sadler (Surfing)
  23. Daisy Griffiths (Gymnastics)
  24. Kyle Davies (Cricket, Rugby, Football)
  25. Nadine Tyrell (Gymnastics)
  26. Lowri Jones (Dance)
  27. Lauren Smith (Gymnastics)
  28. Chris Barker (Squash)
  29. Dayfdd Bowen (Rugby)
  30. Ross Hardy (Cricket)
  31. Trevor Badham & Colin Williams (Cricket)
  32. Mark Jones (Rugby)
  33. Tom Richards (Tennis)
  34. Rhian Homer & Emily O’Connor (Netball)
  35. Stuart Tyrie (Ju Jitsu)
  36. Bruce Evans (Tennis)

Pictured at top of page: Cresselly Cricket Club, last year’s winner of Club of the Year.


Pembroke Dock residents ‘terrified’ as chaos and violence erupts in streets



PEMBROKE DOCK was thrown into chaos on Saturday afternoon (Jun 16) as violence erupted in Pembroke Street, leaving residents terrified and questioning the safety of their community.

Eyewitnesses reported a man waving a samurai sword or machete and two other men attacking an individual, leaving him beaten and wounded on the ground.

The shocking incident drew a swift response from emergency services, with six police cars and two ambulances rushing to the scene. Witnesses said that multiple arrests were made.

Videos circulating on social media showed chaotic scenes, with one clip capturing the man brandishing the sword while another depicted two men assaulting a third, leaving him bloodied and on the pavement. Witnesses identified the assailants as local individuals, further fueling fears about escalating violence within the community.

Natalie Newton, the owner of The Dolphin Hotel, described how one of the men allegedly involved, ran into her establishment seeking refuge. She said: “He came in out of breath, couldn’t even breathe to tell me what was happening. He looked off his face on drugs, so I told him to get out,” Newton recounted. “At that time, I didn’t know what was happening in the street with the guy and the sword. I had a lovely group of ladies enjoying an afternoon of food and drinks when some crackhead walks in off his face! But it’s not the first time! Something needs to be done about the crackheads across the road negatively impacting mine and the Tavern’s business! Two days ago, there were around 12 police officers marching in the street with tools to break down their door at midday! Why aren’t they being sorted out?”

Some customers at The Market Tavern at 15 Pembroke Street said they were ‘locked in’ whist the drama unfolded.

Residents reported that the police arrested at least one male at the scene, though details remain unconfirmed by official sources. Comments from residents indicated a mixture of anger and disbelief. “Absolute fools,” remarked Marie Stacey, while another resident, Sarah Gambold, mused, “Must be something in the water.”

The presence of emergency services sparked further debate among locals. Maria Rigby noted, “Look at the ambulance there for them makes me sick. They’re straight away while others got to wait hours for one.” Shanice Riley echoed this sentiment, criticizing the perceived misuse of resources, “What a waste of resources and taxpayers’ money.”

The incident has left many Pembroke Dock residents feeling unsafe and demanding action. “It’s about time we all did something to protect our loved ones,” urged Michelle Scott, reflecting the community’s call for greater security measures.

Dyfed Powys Police have yet to release an official statement detailing the events or confirming the arrests. The Pembrokeshire Herald has asked for a comment and will publish an update soon as this story develops.

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Two Pembrokeshire residents honoured in King’s Birthday List



PEMBROKESHIRE is celebrating the achievements of two distinguished locals who have been recognised in the King’s Birthday Honours. John Fletcher, a dedicated farmer, and Professor Andrew Campbell, a prominent academic, have both been awarded the MBE for their respective contributions.

John Fletcher: Champion of Shire Horses

John Fletcher, 70, the founder of Gentle Giants Shires in Moylegrove, has been honoured with an MBE for his services to the conservation of shire horses. His journey with these majestic animals began at the tender age of nine on his parents’ farm at Penrallt Uchaf. Inspired by his father, who had previously used a shire horse for ploughing, young John developed a lifelong passion for the breed.

In 2003, following the sale of the farm’s milking herd, Gentle Giants was established. Today, the organisation boasts a global following of 69,000 on Facebook and provides shire horses for weddings, funerals, and other events across the UK. The Gentle Giants have also featured on several television shows, including “Don’t Tell the Bride” and “Coast and Country”, as well as in the award-winning film “Calon Gaeth”.

John’s dedication to shire horses has not gone unnoticed. In 2021, during a Royal visit to Nevern, he and his shire horse, Prince George, met His Royal Highness. The future King praised John’s efforts, expressing his gratitude and interest in the farm’s breeding programme.

Gentle Giants remains a family-run venture, and the Fletcher family took to social media to celebrate John’s accolade. They expressed immense pride in his tireless work and commitment to training and promoting shire horses. “Not one to take things easy, he always has a new project on the go,” they shared. “Buyers often return due to the high standards achieved by the horses he has trained.”

John’s influence extends beyond the UK, with his horses working and competing as far afield as Norway and Italy. He is passionate about educating the public on the versatility of shire horses and enjoys welcoming visitors to the farm in Pembrokeshire.

Professor Andrew Campbell: Advocate for Tourism

Also honoured with an MBE is Professor Andrew Campbell of Goodwick, recognised for his services to tourism. Professor Campbell, who describes himself as “passionate about tourism, cake baking and swimming in the sea,” has made significant contributions to the field.

A professor of practice in tourism with the University of Wales, he is currently the chair of the Welsh Government’s Economic Ministerial Advisory Board. Until September 2021, he served as chair of the Wales Tourism Alliance, representing over 6,000 tourism businesses throughout Wales. The Welsh Government describes him as “a respected academic within tourism, a key economic sector,” noting his valuable insights into the challenges facing the tourism and skills sectors.

Living and working in north Pembrokeshire, Professor Campbell is known for his hands-on approach and commitment to enhancing the region’s tourism landscape. His recognition in the King’s Birthday Honours underscores the importance of his work and his dedication to the community.

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Businessman enters political arena amid ambitious Reform Party campaign



STUART James Marchant, a well-known local businessman, has announced his candidacy with the Reform Party, marking his debut in the political landscape. He standing in Mid and South Pembrokeshire.

Born in Croydon in January 1981, Marchant spent his formative years in Orpington, Kent. He attended Darrick Wood Secondary School and Orpington College, where he first demonstrated his work ethic with a part-time job at Tesco.

Following his education, Marchant took up a retail position at PC World, before making a significant career change in 2001 by joining the private parking sector. His dedication quickly saw him rise through the ranks. By 2005, an opportunity to work in Wales beckoned, allowing him to reconnect with his maternal roots in Carmarthen.

He spent several years in Swansea before returning to the South East in 2008 to manage a substantial portfolio of car parks.

By 2020, Marchant had amassed a wealth of experience across various roles, demonstrating his ability to adapt and lead within different teams. Currently, he operates a small business near Carmarthen, embedding himself further within the local community.

An avid traveller, Marchant has explored numerous global destinations, fostering a deep cultural competence. Locally, he is known to indulge in occasional hockey games and has recently begun learning to para-glide.

Marchant’s political journey began in 2009 with his membership in the Conservative Party. However, earlier this year, he made a significant shift to the Reform Party. As a staunch supporter of Brexit, he believes South West Wales stands to gain substantially from this historic decision. Marchant is convinced that the Reform Party is best positioned to deliver these benefits.

The Reform Party UK is aiming for a strong performance in Wales during the upcoming general election on July 4th. Here are the key points regarding their prospects in Wales:

Reform targeting all 32 Welsh seats

The Reform Party has declared its intention to field candidates in all 32 parliamentary seats in Wales, with a particular focus on the north-east, border areas with England, the south Wales valleys, and Pembrokeshire. This ambitious “reverse Cymru” strategy aims to secure a significant presence across various regions of Wales.

While the Reform Party will criticize the Conservative government, they are also targeting Labour’s traditional strongholds in Wales. Nigel Farage believes Reform can take seats from Labour in working-class communities like the Welsh valleys, which voted to leave the EU in 2016. The party plans to highlight the “disaster of the devolved Labour government” in these “left-behind” areas.

Both the Liberal Democrats and Reform UK have expressed a desire to see a Conservative party “wipeout” in Wales, aiming to take Tory seats. The Lib Dems’ Jane Dodds stated that “kicking the Tories out of Wales” would be a good election night for her party.

While Reform UK’s vote share is still within the margin of error, recent polls suggest they are neck and neck with or even slightly ahead of the Conservatives. This rise poses a significant threat to the Tories, as Reform could potentially force a merger with the Conservatives, as Farage has suggested.

In summary, the Reform Party UK is mounting an ambitious campaign in Wales, targeting Labour’s heartlands as well as challenging the Conservatives. Their performance could significantly impact the political landscape in Wales and potentially lead to a Tory wipeout in the region.

With his extensive professional background and commitment to the community, Marchant aims to bring a fresh perspective to the political scene, promising to champion the interests of South West Wales.


The following people have been nominated for election as a member of the UK Parliament for Mid and South Pembrokeshire constituency:

Hanna Andersen (Women’s Equality Party);

Alistair Cameron (Welsh Liberal Democrats);

Stephen Crabb (Welsh Conservative);

Stuart Marchant (Reform UK);

James Purchase (Green Party);

Vusi Siphika, (Independent);

Cris Tomos (Plaid Cymru);

Henry Tufnell (Welsh Labour).

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