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Harmonising study-life balance in college: A couple’s journey



BALANCING the demands of college life and personal relationships is a challenge. Imagine you
and your significant other both navigating the choppy waters of academics, deadlines, and a
relationship. It’s not just about finding time for each other; it’s about supporting one another’s
goals and aspirations while juggling your own.

This delicate balancing act becomes even more complex when you’re both striving for academic
excellence. Resources like EssayService become invaluable allies, offering assistance with
academic tasks, such as “write my research paper.” Yet, this is only one building block of a
healthy relationship. Let’s delve deeper into practical recommendations on how to find a study-life balance in college as a couple.

Establish Shared Goals
The first step towards harmonising your study-life balance is setting shared goals. This isn’t just
about agreeing to study at the same coffee shop. You need to understand and respect each
other’s academic and personal ambitions. For instance, if one of you is pre-med and the other is
an aspiring playwright, recognising the differing demands of these paths is crucial. Creating a
joint calendar can help you visualise each other’s important dates, like exams, rehearsals, or

Additionally, don’t overlook the value of setting relationship goals. Whether it’s planning a
weekend getaway post-finals or committing to a weekly date night, these goals keep your bond
strong amidst academic pressures. They serve as a reminder that, even though college is
temporary, your relationship is a priority worth investing time and effort into.

Use Time Management Tricks
A key ingredient in balancing your studies and personal life is effective time management. Let’s
break down some practical tips:
● Use a digital planner and sync your schedules to avoid clashes.
● Set study boundaries and allocate specific times for studying and relaxation.
● Prioritise tasks.
● Stay on top of your tasks to prevent last-minute stress.
● Embrace downtime. It’s essential for mental health.

● Study together. If your subjects align, it can be productive and bonding.
● Keep each other informed about busy periods.
● Respect each other’s study time.

After implementing these strategies, you’ll likely notice an improvement not just in academic
performance but in the quality of your relationship. Having a structure helps prevent last-minute
study sessions from encroaching on your personal time.

Add Stress-Reduction Strategies to Your Routine
College life inherently comes with stress, which can seep into your relationship. So, it’s vital to
have stress-reduction strategies in place. Engaging in activities that you both enjoy, like hiking,
cooking, or attending campus events, can serve as a stress outlet. These shared experiences
not only help you unwind but also strengthen your connection.
Equally important is acknowledging when you need alone time. This might seem counterintuitive
in a relationship, but a 2023 study confirms that daily alone time to decompress or pursue
individual hobbies can significantly reduce stress levels. Balancing togetherness with
individuality ensures that stress from one area of your life doesn’t overwhelm the other.

Improve Financial Management
Let’s face it: college can be expensive, and financial stress can strain a relationship. Here are
some tips to keep your finances in check:
● Create a joint budget to track your combined expenses and savings.
● Seek scholarships and grants to reduce the financial burden of tuition.
● Opt for affordable date ideas like picnics, free campus events, or movie nights.
● Split shared costs to prevent resentment.
● Take advantage of deals available to students.
● Discuss long-term financial goals and steps to achieve them.
● Be open about financial struggles.

With a sound financial plan, you can reduce the stress that money issues bring to a relationship.

Navigate Long-Distance Challenges
For couples attending different colleges, the long-distance element adds a unique layer to
balancing study and relationships. Technology becomes your best ally here. Beyond the usual
texts and calls, try scheduling virtual study dates. Picture this: both of you on a video call, with books open, studying together in silence. It creates a sense of shared purpose, even miles

Start a book or TV series together and discuss it during your calls. This shared activity keeps
you connected on a level beyond just updating each other about your day.
Also, embrace the power of snail mail. Sending handwritten letters or care packages can bring a
delightful, tangible aspect to your communication, something that texts and emails can’t match.

Combine Studies with Shared Entrepreneurial Ventures:

In a unique twist, some couples channel their academic pursuits into joint entrepreneurial
ventures. This approach is particularly intriguing for business, technology, or art majors. For
example, a computer science and a graphic design major might collaborate on developing a
mobile app or a website. This serves as a practical application of their studies and fosters a
deeper appreciation of each other’s skills.
Moreover, this collaborative effort can extend beyond immediate academic benefits. It paves the
way for understanding the dynamics of working together professionally. Balancing the roles of
business partners and romantic partners requires clear communication, respect for each other’s
expertise, and the ability to resolve disagreements.

Leverage Academic Resources
College offers a plethora of resources that can help ease academic pressures. For example,
many campuses offer tutoring centers, writing workshops, and study groups that can enhance
your learning experience. You can also use the best dissertation writing service if you need
some external support from experts. Encouraging each other to take advantage of these
resources not only boosts academic performance but also reduces the time spent struggling
with difficult subjects.
In addition to academic resources, don’t forget about mental health services. Many colleges
offer counseling services, which can be beneficial for managing stress, anxiety, or any
relationship issues that might arise due to academic pressures.

Navigating the college experience as a couple involves more than just managing study
schedules and date nights. It’s about growing together, both academically and personally. Use
our tips to ensure that your academic journey remains on track without sacrificing the quality of
your relationship.

Ultimately, the journey through college as a couple is a remarkable opportunity to build a strong
foundation for your future together. By embracing both the challenges and the joys, supporting each other’s goals, and learning to navigate life’s complexities hand-in-hand, you set the stage
for a relationship that can withstand the tests of time.


Pupils delight in ice cream treat from Pembrokeshire’s number one van



CHILDREN at Ysgol Caer Elen in Haverfordwest were treated to a delightful surprise on Tuesday when they were all given the opportunity to enjoy ice cream, generously provided by Mr McGeown and his family.

The delicious ice cream, a highlight of the school’s summer celebrations, was not just a treat for the pupils but also a testament to the McGeown family’s commitment to supporting educational projects. The funds raised by the family have been donated to the school, aimed at enhancing various school initiatives.

The joyous event was made even more special by the efforts of volunteers Martin, Sian, Amirah, Jack, and Alyannah, who served the ice cream. Their contribution ensured that the occasion was filled with a wonderful and happy atmosphere.

The school extends its heartfelt thanks to Mr McGeown and his family for their generosity and support. Their donation will play a crucial role in the continued development and success of school projects, benefiting all pupils.

“We are incredibly grateful to Mr McGeown and his family for their kindness and support,” said Mr Dafydd Hughes, the headteacher of Ysgol Caer Elen. “The ice cream treat brought immense joy to the children and added to the spirit of our summer celebrations.”

Ysgol Caer Elen, a pioneering Welsh-medium school catering to students from ages 3 to 16, prides itself on its vibrant community and commitment to high-quality education in Pembrokeshire. The school’s ethos centres on creating a caring and inclusive environment where every pupil is encouraged to achieve their best and develop their skills for the 21st century

The community looks forward to seeing the positive impact of the McGeown family’s contribution, as the school continues to thrive with the support of dedicated and caring individuals.

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Teacher shortage ‘threatens Welsh speaker target’



SENEDD members warned a shortage of teachers could undermine a target to reach a million Welsh speakers and double daily use of the language by 2050.

Eluned Morgan, standing in for Jeremy Miles, who resigned as economy and Welsh language secretary that day, gave a statement on the Welsh education bill on July 16.

She said the bill, which was introduced in the Senedd this week, will give every child in Wales a fair chance of becoming Welsh speakers.

Baroness Morgan told the debating chamber or Siambr that the bill would put the vision of a million Welsh speakers on a statutory footing.

But opposition parties warned the success of the bill will hinge on the teaching workforce.

Tom Giffard raised concerns about the recruitment and retention of Welsh-language teachers, questioning if the workforce is adequately prepared to meet the challenge.

The Conservatives’ shadow Welsh language secretary said teachers who teach through the medium of Welsh are, on average, older than their counterparts in classrooms.

Mr Giffard warned the bill will add to the workload of teachers who are already grappling with a new curriculum and additional learning needs reforms.

He supported moving away from the “blunt instrument” of “fluent” or “non-fluent” to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

But he cautioned against “lowering the bar” to count people towards the target of a million Welsh speakers set out in the Cymraeg 2050 strategy.

Plaid Cymru’s Heledd Fychan agreed the workforce will be pivotal to the success of the bill.

“If we don’t have the numbers in schools, then we won’t be able to achieve that ambition,” she said. “We do need to see definite targets in terms of increasing the number able to teach through the medium of Welsh because we aren’t hitting the targets as they currently stand.”

Ms Fychan, who represents South Wales Central, also raised concerns about dual-stream schools being seen as the solution.

She said: “Only a small number of schools operate according to this model and I’m not aware of comprehensive research that demonstrates this model works in Wales.”

Arguing the best way for a child to learn is to be immersed in Welsh-medium education, she said most children continue to be denied the chance to become confident Welsh speakers

Mike Hedges, whose daughter teaches in a Welsh-medium school on Ynys Mon, hailed a “huge improvement” in the teaching of Welsh in English-medium primary schools.

“I think there really has been a huge change,” said the Labour backbencher. “When I visit English-medium schools in Swansea, like I did on Monday, I hear Welsh spoken, see it on classroom walls and see Welsh on notice boards.”

Mr Hedges, who represents Swansea East, said this has been made possible by a one-year Welsh-language sabbatical course for primary school teachers.

Rhys ab Owen, who sits as an independent, called for a secondary school in south Cardiff to ensure Welsh-medium education is available in one of Wales’ most deprived communities.

The South Wales Central MS also raised concerns about unequal access to Welsh-medium education for disabled children and young people.

Cefin Campbell was involved in development of the bill as part of Plaid Cymru’s now-collapsed cooperation agreement with the Welsh Government.

Mr Campbell, who established the first of Wales’ 22 Menter Iaith, which provide community support for learning the language, said: “What concerns me a great deal … is the deficiencies in terms of a bilingual workforce.”

The Plaid Cymru MS for Mid and West Wales raised concerns about low numbers of students studying A-level Welsh.

Baroness Morgan recognised the workforce challenges, saying the Welsh Government is seeking to attract more people to train to become teachers.

The health secretary, who was previously responsible for the language, said incentives are offered to get more teachers to train through the medium of Welsh.

She stressed the census will determine progress against the target of a million Welsh speakers, raising concerns that people “tick that they don’t speak Welsh when they do”.

Baroness Morgan, who attended the first Welsh-medium school in Cardiff, pointed to “huge” progress and “transformational” change over the past 50 years.

She told the chamber: “When I was going to school, people would throw stones at our bus because they didn’t want a Welsh school in their area. That’s the reality of the situation.”

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Children from 47 Schools animate Pembrokeshire place names



RECENTLY, 47 schools across Pembrokeshire participated in virtual workshops to create GIFs of popular places in Pembrokeshire. The project aimed to uncover the fascinating meanings behind our place names.

Place names hold a wealth of information. They reveal geographical features, history, and even the people who settled in Wales, like the Romans and the Vikings. For example, Pembrokeshire has place names influenced by the Vikings, such as Skomer Island and Skokholm Island.

The pupils had great fun in the digital illustration workshops hosted by Mwydro, who specialise in creating GIFs. These GIFs are now live and can be used on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. You can search for the GIFs by typing a place name in English or Welsh into the GIF search bar. The children are excited to track how often their GIFs are used. Please support them by using these GIFs when you visit places across Pembrokeshire this summer.

Here’s what pupils from Ysgol Bro Ingli had to say:

Morgan – “GIFs like this put Wales, and more importantly, Pembrokeshire on the world map. Over 7 billion people will be able to use our GIFs; everyone will know Cwm-yr-Eglwys all over the world!”

Georgiana – “I really like digital things. I like creating videos and games, but creating GIFs was something completely new for us. It was a fantastic day to create them; let’s spread Wales and Welsh across the world!”

Following the project, there are a huge variety of Welsh GIFs for place names and attractions across Pembrokeshire that can be used by locals and visitors on numerous platforms, celebrating Welsh place names and our cynefin.

Catrin Phillips, Welsh Language Development Officer, said, “The GIFs created by the pupils are fantastic and showcase their artistic and digital talent. We’re already seeing locals and visitors using the GIFs, which is very exciting for the children. This project has also been a wonderful opportunity for children to understand and appreciate the meanings of the place names they see around them.”

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