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Caldey Island’s ambitious growth plan and new employment opportunities



IN WHAT could be a significant boost to the local economy and an enchanting proposition for those dreaming of island life, Caldey Island has announced a host of job vacancies as part of an ambitious growth strategy aimed at enhancing its offerings and infrastructure.

This unique opportunity opens up the possibility of working and living in one of the most picturesque locations in the UK, known for its serene beauty, historic monastery, and vibrant community.

The island, situated off the coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales, is taking steps to expand its operations and services, which has led to the creation of several key positions. Among the roles advertised are Island Manager, Retail Manager, Confectionery Production Manager, Property Maintenance Operative, and various assistant positions in retail and confectionery sectors.

The recruitment drive is seen as a pivotal moment for Caldey Island, which is renowned for its tranquil setting and as a retreat for those seeking peace and spirituality. However, with these new roles, the island aims to broaden its appeal, increase its economic activity, and provide a sustainable way of life for its residents and the monastic community that calls it home.

As Island Manager, the selected candidate will oversee the daily operations and strategic direction of Caldey, ensuring that it remains a welcoming and efficiently run location for both residents and visitors. The Retail Manager will be responsible for managing the island’s gift shops and retail outlets, vital for the tourist experience and the island’s revenue. The Confectionery Production Manager will head the production of Caldey’s famous chocolate and sweets, a tradition that has delighted visitors for years.

Additionally, the Property Maintenance Operative will ensure that all buildings and facilities on the island are maintained to the highest standards, preserving the island’s heritage and ensuring safety for all. The Retail and Confectionery Assistants will play a crucial role in delivering exceptional service to visitors, enhancing their experience of Caldey Island.

These positions not only offer a unique work environment but also the chance to be part of a close-knit community, living in harmony with nature and contributing to the island’s future.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply before the closing date of 16th February 2024, marking an exciting chapter in the island’s history and an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking a change of pace and lifestyle.

This initiative is expected to draw attention from across the country, attracting individuals passionate about contributing to the development of Caldey Island while embracing the chance to live in one of the most peaceful and idyllic settings in the UK.

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Business hub opens third shop in west Wales to meet customer demand



TRADERS are enjoying start-up success with the support of Antur Cymru Enterprise.

Entrepreneurs, makers, and independent producers in west Wales are benefiting from the organisation’s Cymorth Busnes Lleol / Local Business Supportprogramme.

After opening retail units in Aberystwyth and Newcastle Emlyn, a space has now been unveiled on Cardigan High Street.

Loren Nash is the owner of Under the Laurel nature-inspired jewellery accessories and homeware, now based at the bustling store having launched during the pandemic.

She began making items in lockdown to improve her mental health; however, increasing demand led to customers across the area and online, so she decided to take the leap and join the Local Business Support community earlier this year.

“I started making items just for myself, but after requests from friends and family ended up creating an Etsy store, which is when it really started to take off,” she said. 

“As my customer base grew, I felt I needed a proper space to make and to sell, which is when Antur Cymru stepped in to help. They have been so incredibly helpful, imparting their knowledge and advice, which has been invaluable.

“They have also assisted me with social media, helped myself and other traders understand what grants are available and how to apply for them, and even demonstrated how to how to put together table and window displays.”

Loren added: “The response since opening has been wonderful and local people have been incredibly supportive, telling us how nice it is to see small businesses getting a chance to get their products out there. 

“Eventually I would love my own shop here on the high street with my partner and also run free art workshops where all supplies are provided by us and the space is welcoming and accessible – that’s the dream, but for now I am excited to be here and looking forward to the future.”

Among the other start-ups are Funky Fairy jewellery and keyrings, artist Titus Sharp, and Andrea Edwards, whose model venture Amaze Me 3D is reaping the benefits of having a physical presence in the town centre.

“This started as a hobby, gifting to my friends and family, and progressed just a few months ago,” said Andrea.

“I make 3D models out of a material called PLA (Polyactic Acid) which is environmentally friendly as it’s made from natural materials like corn starch and sugar cane. Dinosaurs and dragons have been particularly popular with the shoppers, and being here in this shop has shown me the true potential of my business.”

Talented artist Titus Sharp, whose Tonnau Glas (Blue Waves) venture is already picking up commissions and demand for bespoke glass creations cast from beach and sand ripples, was in agreement.

A former health and social care worker, he is proud to be part of the group and said: “I am here at the shop as much as possible, drawing, learning more about business and selling my work, which has been very positive.

“I’ve had several sales and commissions, and being part of the community has given Tonnauglas more exposure, which is great – everyone has been very supportive.”

Andrea Stinton and her Funky Fairy start-up combine the making of jewellery and keyrings from various metals sea glass and crystal beads with dreamcatchers and suncatchers woven from feathers, natural crystals, and crystal glass.

She echoed his words and has enjoyed a similar experience.

“What was a hobby and something I enjoyed doing with my daughter turned into demand for items from friends and family, then their friends and then it was craft fairs and more!” said Andrea.

“Antur Cymru identified this might be a good move for me and they were right. My dream is to have my own store one day and now I’m on the way to that thanks to them.”

Funded by UK Government and driven by Levelling-Up via Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire councils, the project also includes guidance for new and start-up businesses across the region via a team of skilled and experienced mentors and advisors.

The other outlets in Newcastle Emlyn and Aberystwyth have enjoyed regular footfall and community support, and Project Manager Julie Morgan said that has already been the case in Cardigan.

“The shop has been busy since day one, the town has really got behind us and given these small businesses real encouragement,” she said.

“The lessons we have learned at our other two retail spaces have given us a firm foundation to build on here, and with plans for further pop-up stores this year we are confident of giving start-ups and entrepreneurs in west Wales even more opportunities in the future.”

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Efficient Living UK – the number one choice for sustainable solutions



IN the heart of South Wales, a beacon of sustainability shines brightly through the work of Efficient Living UK, a company dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions that address today’s most pressing environmental challenges. With a commendable track record spanning 18 years, Efficient Living UK has established itself as a premier destination for those seeking to embrace a greener lifestyle without compromising on their modern needs.

Under the leadership of Stephen Daniel Mills and Alexander James Nicholas, the company aims to contribute significantly to the renewable energy sector.

Efficient Living UK’s mission transcends the mere provision of services; it embodies a commitment to curbing public energy expenses while making a significant contribution to environmental conservation. This dual focus not only highlights the company’s dedication to excellent customer service but also underscores its role in fostering a sustainable future for generations to come.

The company’s offerings are diverse and tailored to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving world. From commercial solar solutions that empower businesses to operate more sustainably, to domestic installations that transform households into bastions of energy efficiency, Efficient Living UK caters to a broad audience. The agricultural sector, too, benefits from the company’s expertise, with solutions designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing productivity.

Solar power lies at the core of Efficient Living UK’s services, providing a clean, renewable source of energy that can significantly reduce electricity bills and carbon footprints alike. The company’s dedication to this technology is evident in its comprehensive approach, which includes not only installation but also ongoing support and maintenance to ensure optimal performance over time.

Moreover, as the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to surge, Efficient Living UK has positioned itself as a leader in providing state-of-the-art EV charging solutions. This foresight not only meets the current demand but also propels the region forward in adopting more sustainable transportation options.

Beyond mobility and power generation, Efficient Living UK recognises the importance of efficient lighting in reducing energy consumption. Its innovative LED lighting systems are designed to brighten spaces while significantly lowering energy costs, marrying functionality with sustainability.

Choosing Efficient Living UK means investing in a future where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. It’s a choice for cutting-edge technology, expert guidance, and a partnership with a company that’s deeply committed to making a difference. As South Wales continues to embrace green initiatives, Efficient Living UK stands ready to lead the charge, providing solutions that not only save money but also safeguard our planet.

By opting for Efficient Living UK, customers are not just availing themselves of top-notch clean energy solutions; they are becoming part of a larger movement towards a more sustainable, energy-efficient future. Whether it’s through solar panels, battery storage, or EV charging stations, Efficient Living UK is making it easier than ever for individuals and businesses in South Wales to take meaningful steps toward reducing their environmental impact. In doing so, they are not just clients but also contributors to a global shift towards sustainability that promises a brighter, greener future for all.


Telephone: 07816511915, 07903692668

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Stinky Withyhedge Landfill told to clean up its act by regulator



IN a stern rebuke from the regulatory body, the proprietors of the Withyhedge Landfill, infamously referred to as “a stink bomb on steroids,” have been mandated to ameliorate their operations. The directive issued to Resources Management UK Ltd (RML), the company at the helm of the Pembrokeshire landfill, stipulates the necessity to “contain and collect” all forms of “fugitive emissions” that have been a source of significant discomfort to the local populace.

Residents in the vicinity have reported the pervasive odour of “rotting rubbish,” with some claiming it is detectable in villages up to five miles distant. Natural Resources Wales, the overseeing authority, has criticised the firm’s initial prognosis of resolving the issue by early March as overly optimistic, subsequently imposing a more stringent deadline of 5 April.

RML has previously issued an apology for the inconvenience caused by the malodours, asserting that efforts are underway to “rectify the issue with immediate effect.” Nevertheless, the proposal put forth by RML to mitigate landfill gas emissions has been deemed non-compliant with its operational permit by Natural Resources Wales, suggesting it harbours numerous uncertainties and potential future complications.

The regulatory body has expressed concerns that the short-term gains of diminishing the foul smell do not justify the medium to long-term risks involved. Despite the complexities surrounding the decisions to be made, a statement from the authority anticipates “noticeable reductions in landfill gas emissions and odours in the coming weeks.”

The issue has mobilised local residents, who have been vociferous in their demands for more stringent measures to address the odour issue. Meanwhile, RML contends that the current odour problems stem from a delay in the “capping” of a waste containment cell, maintaining that these odours pose no risk to human health or the environment. The company has extended its apologies to the affected community and has pledged to implement measures to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Additionally, an enquiry into the escape of liquid discharge from the landfill into a nearby river is currently in progress. Following its acquisition by the Cardiff-based Dauson Environmental Group in 2022, RML is authorised to dispose of up to 250,000 tonnes of waste annually at the Withyhedge site.

Concerns have also been raised regarding the past conduct of an RML director, David John Neal, who was previously adjudged guilty of illegal waste disposal at a site of special scientific interest in Newport, Gwent Levels. In May 2013, Neal received a suspended sentence and was fined in excess of £200,000, further casting shadows over the company’s environmental stewardship.

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