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Football rivalries: Matches you can’t miss



Football rivalries are the heart and soul of the sport, encapsulating passion, history, and intense competition. These matches are more than just games; they are epic battles that capture the imagination of fans worldwide. In this article, we explore some of the most historic and intense football rivalries, delve into the backgrounds of the teams involved, and briefly touch on how betting odds reflect these fierce contests.

Exploration of Historic and Intense Football Rivalries

Football rivalries often stem from geographical proximity, historical events, or long-standing competitions. These rivalries generate immense anticipation and are marked by memorable moments, high stakes, and passionate fan bases. Here are a few iconic rivalries that you can’t miss:

1. El Clásico: FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

El Clásico is arguably the most famous football rivalry in the world, pitting two of Spain’s biggest clubs against each other. The rivalry extends beyond the pitch, symbolizing the political and cultural tensions between Catalonia (Barcelona) and the Spanish state (Madrid).

  • Historic Moments: From Johan Cruyff’s 5-0 victory at the Bernabéu to Lionel Messi’s last-minute winner in 2017, El Clásico has seen countless legendary moments.
  • Current Stars: The rivalry continues to be a showcase of world-class talent, with stars like Karim Benzema and Pedri making their mark.

2. The Old Firm Derby: Celtic vs. Rangers

The Old Firm Derby is a historic rivalry between Glasgow’s two biggest clubs, Celtic and Rangers. This rivalry is deeply rooted in the social, religious, and political fabric of Scotland.

  • Historic Moments: The fierce competition has led to unforgettable matches, such as the 1989 New Year’s Day clash where Rangers triumphed 5-1.
  • Fan Culture: The atmosphere at an Old Firm Derby is electric, with fans from both sides creating an intense environment.

3. The Manchester Derby: Manchester United vs. Manchester City

The Manchester Derby has grown in significance over the years, especially with Manchester City’s rise to prominence. The rivalry between the Red Devils and the Sky Blues divides the city of Manchester.

  • Historic Moments: The 2012 title-deciding match where City’s Sergio Agüero scored in the dying seconds to win the Premier League is a standout.
  • Current Dynamics: With both clubs consistently competing for top honours, the derby is always a high-stakes affair.

Background on the Teams and Their Histories

Understanding the histories of these teams adds depth to the rivalries. Here’s a closer look at the backgrounds of the teams involved in some of the biggest football rivalries:

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

  • FC Barcelona: Founded in 1899, Barcelona has a rich history of success and a commitment to its Catalan identity. Known for their attacking style and famous La Masia academy, Barcelona has produced legends like Messi and Xavi.
  • Real Madrid: Established in 1902, Real Madrid is synonymous with European success, having won the Champions League more times than any other club. The Galácticos era under Florentino Pérez brought global superstars to the Bernabéu.

Celtic and Rangers

  • Celtic: Founded in 1887, Celtic has a storied history of domestic and European success, including their famous 1967 European Cup win. The club is known for its large Irish Catholic support base.
  • Rangers: Established in 1872, Rangers have a rich history with numerous Scottish league titles. The club traditionally draws support from the Protestant community in Scotland.

Manchester United and Manchester City

  • Manchester United: Formed in 1878 as Newton Heath, Manchester United has grown into one of the world’s most popular and successful football clubs. The Sir Alex Ferguson era brought unprecedented success with numerous Premier League titles and Champions League victories.
  • Manchester City: Founded in 1880, Manchester City has seen a dramatic rise in the last decade, fuelled by significant investment. Their recent success includes multiple Premier League titles and a growing presence in European competitions.

Brief Mention of Betting Odds and How They Reflect the Rivalry

Football betting markets often reflect the intensity and unpredictability of these rivalries. Betting odds can fluctuate significantly based on team form, player injuries, and historical performance in derby matches. For instance, in an El Clásico match, the odds might slightly favour the home team, but the unpredictable nature of the rivalry means there are always opportunities for bettors.

In the Manchester Derby, betting odds might reflect Manchester City’s recent dominance, but Manchester United’s historical resilience in big matches can influence the market. Similarly, Old Firm Derby odds often consider the fiercely competitive nature of the match, making it a challenging but potentially rewarding market for bettors.


Football rivalries like El Clásico, the Old Firm Derby, and the Manchester Derby are much more than just games; they are historic events that bring together communities, ignite passions, and create lasting memories. The rich histories of the teams involved add depth to these rivalries, making each match a must-watch event. Understanding these dynamics not only enhances your appreciation of the sport but can also provide valuable insights if you choose to bet on football. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a casual observer, these rivalries offer some of the most exciting and memorable moments in football.


England’s Euro 2024 semi-final victory captivates millions



ENGLAND’S Euro 2024 semi-final victory over the Netherlands garnered a peak audience of 20.3 million on ITV, cementing its status as the most-watched television programme of the year. Broadcasters are now hopeful that Sunday night’s final against Spain will attract over 30 million viewers, surpassing the numbers that tuned in for England’s Euro 2020 final defeat.

The overnight viewing figures, provided by ratings agency Digital-i, do not account for the millions who streamed the match on ITVX or watched in public venues. The coverage of Euro 2024 in the UK is split between the BBC and ITV, with the channels alternating first choices for matches in each round. ITV executives celebrated Jordan Pickford’s crucial penalty save against Switzerland, which secured another high-profile England match and delivered a substantial advertising boost to the channel.

Both the BBC and ITV will broadcast the final, with approximately a fifth of viewers typically opting for ITV over the BBC. Euro 2024 has demonstrated the enduring appeal of live sports broadcasting, which continues to draw massive audiences, particularly when the events are free to watch. Even matches not involving home nations have attracted significant viewership, with the Spain v France semi-final on BBC One peaking at 11 million viewers.

The Euros are part of the UK’s “crown jewel” sporting events, which include the football World Cup, Wimbledon, and the Olympics, all mandated by law to be shown on free-to-air channels. In contrast, other sports have opted for the higher revenue available from pay TV channels, resulting in substantially lower audiences for international matches. The England and Wales cricket board successfully lobbied in the 2000s to keep England test matches off the free-to-air list. Consequently, Jimmy Anderson’s farewell match against the West Indies at Lords, broadcast behind a paywall on Sky, attracted a peak audience of only about 700,000 viewers.

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Welsh Snooker star Michael White jailed for assaulting partner



A WELSH snooker star has been jailed after assaulting his then-partner. Michael White, 33, of Penshannel, Neath Abbey, assaulted the woman, causing actual bodily harm, on two separate occasions. The first incident occurred on February 12, 2022, and the second on December 10, 2022.

White pleaded guilty to the charges. A further charge of intentional strangulation on December 10 was directed to lie on file. White, whose snooker world ranking peaked at 15 in 2016, was sentenced at Swansea Crown Court on Thursday, July 11, 2024.

He received a total jail term of 36 months – 19 months for the first incident and a consecutive 17 months for the second. The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association has announced that White has been removed from the world ranking list and the World Snooker Tour with immediate effect.

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Culture secretary vows push to keep free-to-air Six Nations games



WALES’ culture secretary vowed to make the case for keeping Wales’ Six Nations games on free-to-air TV to her Labour colleagues in the new UK Government.

Lesley Griffiths told the Senedd she will be seeking a meeting with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to discuss the issue.

Ms Griffiths said: “Making the Six Nations free-to-air ensures that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can feel part of this shared experience.

“This inclusivity strengthens community bonds and fosters a sense of belonging.”

Responding to a debate on a Senedd culture committee report on broadcasting rights, the culture secretary said she would write to the UK Government by the end of this week.

Delyth Jewell chairs the culture committee, which held an inquiry on whether Wales’ matches should be added to Ofcom’s list of events that must be shown on terrestrial TV.

The Plaid Cymru politician said: “A perfect storm of market dynamics in broadcasting live sport has seen more and more events go behind a paywall.

“Public service broadcasters are facing significant budgetary constraints, be this from long-term cuts to the licence fee, or a downturn in the advertising market on broadcast television. Increasing production costs are compounding both these factors.

“The advent of global streaming services also means that the value of sports broadcasting rights has increased.”

The Welsh Rugby Union told the inquiry that moving matches to the protected list could have a devastating medium- and long-term impact on the whole game in Wales.

Media rights account for £20m of the WRU’s £90m total revenue, with the union calling for open competition to maximise income for the game.

Carolyn Thomas, the Labour MS for North Wales, recognised this tension but warned: “There is a real risk here that avoiding action will leave us dropping the ball. We must ensure future generations can connect with the game without having to shell out for the privilege.”

She added: “Let’s hope, with the new UK Labour Government, we will be in a safe pair of hands and we get protected, free-to-air Six Nations coverage over the line.”

Heledd Fychan called for matches to be broadcast on S4C, rather than having a Welsh viewing option on platforms such as Amazon Prime.

The Plaid Cymru MS, who represents South Wales Central, pointed out that Rhondda MP Chris Bryant has been appointed a junior DCMS minister as she urged Labour to act.

Samuel Kurtz raised concerns about the 8% interest rate the WRU is paying on an £18m coronavirus business interruption loan scheme from the Welsh Government.

Pointing out that the rate was fixed at 2% for English premiership sides, the Tory MS said: “I think that’s a financial constraint that’s hurting our professional clubs here in Wales.”

Caerphilly MS Hefin David joked that he has a lot in common with former PM Rishi Sunak – “as my dad wouldn’t let us have Sky either, and we had to listen to it on the radio”.

He called for a ‘Plan B’ for the hospitality industry if rugby goes behind a paywall, including a contractual clause to give small pubs and clubs a reduced pay-to-view subscription.

Dr David said he watches Wales matches at Gilfach workmen’s club, which pays £514 a month for Sky, as he raised concerns about venues having to buy multiple subscriptions..

“Well, Gilfach workies simply can’t afford that,” he said.

Alun Davies, a fellow Labour backbencher, said: “We need to address the real crisis in Welsh rugby and that is ensuring that the game exists for future generations, and I believe that exposure to the Six Nations championship is fundamental to that.”

The Blaenau Gwent MS raised the example of Glamorgan cricket.

He said: “It does raise fears within me that the more we take the game away from the screens, the more we take it away from our communities and from the people who enjoy watching the game, and the less it becomes our national sport.”

The culture committee’s inquiry was sparked after John Whittingdale, a Conservative former culture minister, left the door open last autumn while giving evidence.

Sir John told the meeting: “We’ve always said that if the Welsh Parliament argued very strongly that, for the good of sport in Wales, we needed to look again at the listed events, we would look at it, certainly. So, it’s not closed.’

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